Saturday, September 16, 2017

Aftermath of Hurricane IRMA

Auburndale, FL (Hi   95  Lo  75)

It's been a week and we're still dealing with the aftermath of hurricane IRMA. It's hot and there's a lot of people without power. We're so lucky to have power.  We went out on Monday to check around the area. There's no stop lights, no grocery stores open, no restaurants. There is two gas stations in our neighborhood and they had long lines. We're right off I 4 so it was packed.

Our neighbor a few doors down lost her back section of the house. It's an add on and it flew up over the house and went a few doors down on the other side of the road. We heard it land at 3:53 in the morning last Monday.

A look at the pier by the clubhouse. They replaced it after hurricanes in 2005. It's gone again.

Jim checked the roof to be sure all is ok, which it is was. Our roof was put on about 3 years ago so we didn't lose one shingle. Jim says this roof is easier to walk on then the RV roof.

There's still lamp posts down. The community is in better shape overall.

This big tree fell on the house, car and golfcart. I feel so bad for them. It's a big oak and we've learned they're the first to go in any high winds.

Our pet ALI  the alligator is back in the canal. There's several that live at the other end of the lake, but once in awhile we see one in the canal behind us.

I'm still working to get "critters" done for the craft show. It's October 21, not much more time. I hope all the vendors are still coming. I'll start calling in a couple weeks to be sure the hurricane hasn't changed plans on vendors attending.  My little Shih Tzu.

Every month the Vets of the community get together for breakfast. Here's a picture of the group this morning. They just reopened the restaurant yesterday. They're one of the lucky ones. We're hearing most of the county will have electricity by tomorrow.


Phyllis said...

I'd say you were most fortunate.

Dizzy-Dick said...

We live 30 miles north of Houston and felt the effects of Harvey, but had no damage. A lot of flooding in Huston and around the areal. I am high and dry. Glad you guys are OK.

Dizzy-Dick said...

Oh, by the way, I love your little critter.

Mark from Missouri said...

Good to hear you guys came out of it okay.

Bob and Jo said...

Most roofs are easier to walk on than RV roofs. Glad you guys are OK.

Gary Wood said...

Glad you fared the storm with relatively little damage. Hoping the repairs to the neighborhood and quickly down and normalcy returns to your lives. Stay safe.