Saturday, March 25, 2017

Memorial for Alberta Walter

Auburndale, FL (Hi 81 Lo 68)  It's good to have warmer weather. We made a quick trip  to North Carolina for Jim's mother, Alberta's memorial. We left on Friday and hit heavy stop and go traffic in Orlando then again in Jacksonville. It rained on Saturday and was in the 40's when we checked into the lodge.

The family had people in and out all weekend. The memorial service was simple and well done.  (Click on the pictures to enlarge).

Jim and Rick

Sharon, Jamie, Robin, Rick, Jim

Family and friends in attendance.

Sharon and Robin are Jim's sister that cared for Alberta for 13 months. She had stage four cancer of a bile duct. Alberta was very healthy throughout her life. It was a shock to hear she had cancer.

Full closure for the family was taking the ashes to Alberta's favorite place where she grew up. It was hard finding a quiet area without houses and boats on the water. RIP Alberta you are no longer suffering.

Wednesday we headed to Cary, NC to see our friends that we knew for over 12 years while we lived in the area. We stayed with Gary and Cyndi but went out to lunch and dinner with the others that are in the area including Selene and Hank who are fulltime in an RV and at the Raleigh fairgrounds where we stayed while in town in the RV.

Lunch with Jim, Gary, Cyndi, Hank, Selene, Dee

Dinner with Jerry, Gary, Cyndi, Hank, Selene, Jeff, Bobbie and Jim (Dee taking the photo)

Thursday we started our trip back to Florida. It was 32 degrees when we left Cary. We remember why we don't want north in the winter. Friday afternoon we got back home. Nothing was out of place and it was great getting back to 80 degrees.

Saturday was the community garage sale. We heard it might happen but wasn't sure. There were very few people selling stuff but we went around the neighbor and found small items we can't do without. We did find some picture frames so now we have a couple pictures up on the bare walls.


Anonymous said...

Jim and Dee,

Very sorry for your loss.


Mark from Missouri said...

Sorry to hear about your loss.

Mark from Missouri said...
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