Friday, January 8, 2016

Movie Day - Knee Surgery - Visitors

(Avon Park, FL) Hi  74  Lo 63 - It was a cool couple days to start out the New Year, but but cool weather never lasts long here in Florida. We started off the new year by going to see the movie Star Wars, The Force Awakens. We went with our friends Harry and Jessica, who arrived at the site next door to us on New Years Eve day. We all loved it. It was a great throwback to the original three Star Wars movies (not the "prequels" that were done in the 90's), and it was fun to see the original stars playing their characters at an older age.

We attended 36 movies in 2015. (Yep, we keep lists on just about everything.) We enjoy going to movies. It's good entertainment, and very inexpensive because we go to matinees.

I had a girls day out with my sister Doris, her friend Jody, and Jessica. We went to downtown Sebring and ate at a little restaurant, McLane's Garden Cafe. They had really good food and we'll go back again. We all had something different. The food tasted as good as it looked.

Doris, Jessica, Jody and Dee

We walked around the circle of downtown Sebring and found a boutique with something very interesting, wine clutches. It's got an insulated foil type insert to keep a bottle of wine cool, and a pocket on the outside with it's own corkscrew, for $25. All different kinds of colors and patterns.

Jessica liked this one.

Jim's aunt and uncle stopped by on Thursday on their way from their home in Maryland to Ft. Lauderdale to visit their son. We try to see them once a year or so. We only had time for a nice lunch at the Jacaranda Hotel and a short visit before they had to leave in time to get to their son's place before dark. But it was so great to see them, even for a short time.

Adele and Dick

It's been a busy week. I'm still working on an afghan for a friend, but I did take time to make this little bulldozer for my daughter in law to give to one of her daycare kids for his birthday.

I also made another little owl.

I've been having trouble with my left knee for a long time. A cortisone shot last year helped but it's now at the point where I'm in constant pain. I'm now scheduled for knee replacement surgery on January 18. I'm not looking forward to it, but it has to be done. We'll keep you updated on this.

See you in about a week.


Tom and Deb Duchaine said...

I really like the Amigurumi figures you crochet. They are so cute. You have inspired me to print out a pattern and try one. I am also working on a afghan, trying to get three afghans done before May, and I am thinking trying one of these might be a nice change of pace.

I had my left knee replaced in June of 2015 and though the thought of doing it was a little scary I have no regrets. I am not going to pretend it was not painful in the beginning and a lot of work the first 8-12 weeks but it was worth not being in constant pain walking. I believe the key is the right physical therapist and doing the work. I had a wonderful one who did not believe in putting the patient into a lot of pain, she had found it was not necessary to get results, and I have a good range of motion. Best wishes for a quick and happy recovery....Deb

Celebrating the Dance

Phillis said...

Good luck on your surgery. I am wishing you the best.

Anonymous said...

I am also having RTKR on 18 Jan in MS. We are also full timers so it will be interesting recovering in an RV. If you haven"t already, check out Bone Smart. Lots of good information on that forum. Good luck with your surgery! Janice P.

Gypsy said...

I'll be thinking of you when you have your surgery, and wish you a speedy recovery.

Rick Garboden said...

I know of your love of movies so I wanted to give you a recommendation for one. My wife and I went and watched Spotlight a couple of days ago. Amazing movie... Very heavy drama. Total silence in the theater when the movie ended with no one stirring during the credits. Best of luck with the knee replacement.