Friday, January 15, 2016

Busy Week - Tampa RV Super Show

(Avon Park, FL) Hi 74 Lo 61 -- It's been a very busy week. I've been going to pre-op appointments getting ready for my knee replacement surgery on Monday. Blood work, chest xray, EKG and tons of paperwork. With all that done we spent the day Thursday with Harry and Jessica at the Tampa RV Super Show at the Florida State Fairgrounds. We had free tickets that I won in a photo contest here in the park.

The Tampa show advertises itself as the biggest RV show in the world. The folks at the Hershey, PA RV Show argue that point, but the bottom line is the show is HUGE! This was one aisle in one of the two vendor buildings. (Click on the photos to enlarge them.)

The place was packed, and it was only around 10:30 at the time. More and more people came in throughout the day.

There are many street entertainers as you walk around the fairgrounds. This was a couple that showed off their rope tricks. It was fun watching them, especially the guy on the stilts.

Harry and Jessical were looking at class A motorhomes, and we looked at class C's and van conversions (class B). One new trend in class B's is sliding screen doors on the side. It looks like Jim's in jail and wants out. :)

The show was great but we were all tired after five hours of walking around. We headed home around 3:30.

I haven't posted much about the fun we're having in the park this year. We have a cards group that meets every Monday and Friday night.

I also play cards (Hand and Foot) with another group on Tuesday afternoons. Thursday is crafts (which I missed this week) and Friday is crocheting. That's my week.

My latest crochet project. A lady asked me to make three mice under a mushroom. The mice are about an inch and a half tall, and the mushroom is about three inches tall.

Jim will keep up with the blog while I recover from my surgery next week. He'll also do a facebook post to let everyone know how I'm doing. Thanks for all the good luck comments. It seems everyone I meet lately has had knee replacement surgery. They've all been very encouraging.


Nancy and Bill said...

We wish you a successful surgery and a speedy recover. It's all about the REHAB!!!!

Mike and Terri said...

Looks like it was really crowded at the RV show. Soooo.... did you find anything you liked? We went last year, but we decided to pass on it this year.

Good luck with your knee surgery on Monday!!! We'll be thinking about you.

Bob and Jo said...

That looks like a huge RV show and a tiring day. Good luck with the surgery.

Laurel Owen said...

Good luck on your knee surgery. Like Nancy said, it's all in the rehab. Know lots of people that have had them.

Randy Warner said...

Sorry we missed you at the RV Show. Hope all goes well with your surgery/knee replacement!

Karen & Collins said...

Collins had knee surgery in 2010. Nancy & Bill are absolutely right. It is all about the rehab. Grit your teeth & work your way thru it.

Jordan said...

Sounds like you had a great time at the RV show! Looks like there were tons of people. Hope you recover quickly from the surgery.