Thursday, December 10, 2015

Movie - Decorating

(Avon Park, FL) H 80 Lo 61 -- Last Saturday we went to see the movie The Hunger Games Mockingjay, Part 2. It's the last Hunger Games movie, and I really liked the whole series. However, the ending wasn't anything like I expected. It was a good movie though.

This week was the judging of the Christmas decorations in the park. We started on Sunday putting up Christmas lights. Our neighbor gave us a whole box of icycle lights so we spent a whole day decorating the RV.

Some pictures taken at dusk, and some after dark. (Click on the pictures to enlarge them.)

The judging was on Tuesday. (We didn't win anything).  That evening we drove around the park to see all the decorations. We think this one will be the winner.

I had the Yag laser process done on my right eye to remove the film behind the lens from my cataract surgery. It was quick. I don't notice any difference in either eye, but all that is behind me.  Now for the final appointment to get new glasses for computer and reading. I think it will all work out in time.

The rest of my time has been spent crocheting. I got the nativity scene done. It's already sold and I wanted to get it in the mail ASAP. Next year I plan to make another one, and I may add a manger shed made out of popsicle sticks..

I went to craft class on Thursday, and our project was a candy cane wreath. Here's my wreath. It turned out nice, but it's very fragile. I haven't decided how to display it yet.

Some of the wreaths made by the other ladies.

We're enjoying the sunshine. Life is good and we're relaxing. Here's a couple of recent sunsets.

We're coming up on the anniversary of the purchase of our RV. On December 11, 2009 we took delivery of our RV and very nervously towed it 150 miles from Marion, NC, to Raleigh. I still can't believe we're going into our seventh year.

See you in a week.


Rick and Kathy Rousseau said...

You did a nice job decorating your trailer. The site you thought would be the winner is a stationary unit like a sticks and bricks. That alone allows them to collect more STUFF which is not good for travelling.
You Nativity turned out nice.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It's about time.

Anonymous said...

love your decorating! looks real nice. Merry Christmas..

Bob and Jo said...

Nice decorations. Congrats on your anniversary.

Anonymous said...

I was talking to some people at my Fleetwood dealer about Mockingjay Part 2... I won't spoil anything here but I felt like it was kind of a letdown after the last two. I felt like the first movie was average but then the following two were something kind of special. They were exciting while being about something. They sort of lost that with the last movie.. I don't know. Kind of a disappointment for me, but what can you do. That's the biz! HAHA!