Monday, October 12, 2015

Norcross, GA to Tifton, GA to Mayport, FL

(Mayport Naval Station, Mayport, FL) Hi 76 Lo 69 -- We had a great time in Atlanta and it went fast, but it was time to move on South.

On Saturday we left Norcross, GA for Tifton, which was supposed to be a trip of about three hours. We were fine till we hit a traffic jam just south of Atlanta. We use the Waze app to check on traffic and it indicated an hour and half delay due to an "incident." Luckily our Google Maps led us off the interstate for about 20 miles thru some small towns to bypass the whole thing. We got back on the interstate on the other side of the accident and went on our merry way to Tifton with no more problems. We set up in a small RV park called I-75 RV Park. (Click on the pictures to enlarge them.)

Our site.

The bathhouse and small laundry. The washer and dryer are in a small building but open in front. Strange.

It was a small park, but it was great for our two night stay. There was a small diner at a truck stop across the street so we had dinner and breakfast during our stay.

Monday we headed for Pelican's Roost RV Park at the Mayport Naval Station, east of Jacksonville, FL. We try to stay here at the beginning and end of our summer travels. The roads have been a lot better since we arrived in Georgia and that makes for good traveling and less stress. The weather was perfect, and the traffic was light, so we made good time.

Of all the almost 200 RV parks we've stayed in all 48 states, Mayport is our favorite place. The park is right at the mouth of the St. John's River, and we can watch Navy and civilian ships of all shapes and sizes go in and out of the channel. It's beautiful and very relaxing, the sunsets are fabulous, and in the evening the dolphins play in front of the RV.

Our site looking toward the river.

We'll be here for two weeks. We plan to do a lot of sitting at the water's edge or on the beach so we may not post as often while we're here. Please sign up on the right side of this page to receive an email notification when we post the blog.

See you in a few days.


Judy Maddox said...

Have a great time in Mayport! !! Relax & enjoy!!!

Laurel Owen said...

Such a lovely place to relax :)

Phyllis said...

Sounds like you are in an ideal park. I am thinking we stayed at the other park once. I'm going to have to check my records.