Thursday, October 8, 2015

Delayed Departure to Georgia - Movie Day

(Norcross, GA)  Hi 83 Lo 66 -- While we were walking around a mall in Nashville we came across something we've never seen before, and something that really defines Nashville as "Music City". It's a booth for recording your own karaoke song or music video, modeled on the "photo booth" concept. Another way to try to "make it" in the music world. (Click on the pictures to enlarge.)

We intended to leave on Monday for the Atlanta area, but it didn't happen. In the middle of our hitch up process we saw that the right rear tire on the RV was completely flat. We called CoachNet and a mobile tire repair service was supposed to arrive in 45 minutes. Jim jacked up the right side of the rig using our Big Foot system to get ready for the guy to change the tire (we have a good spare). He checked the flat tire and saw a screw embedded in the tread. Meanwhile, the repair guy never showed up. CoachNet arranged for another company to come out, and over an hour later he finally arrived. He changed our tire, removed the screw from the flat tire and plugged the hole. We left the spare on the rig since it's a new tire and we didn't fully trust the plug job. (I'll have that checked at a tire shop once we get settled in Florida.) By the time everything was done we decided, rather than arrive in the Atlanta in rush hour, we'd spend another night in Nashville and leave on Tuesday.

We left Tuesday morning under blue skies for Georgia. There were a lot of trucks on I-24 and I-75, and traffic was a bit heavier than normal, but the roads were smooth and we had a non-eventful trip to Jones RV Park in Norcross, GA. We were disappointed that the trees haven't turned colors yet. This view would have been so much better with fall colors.

Jones RV park office

Our site. The park is small and pretty basic, but adequate for our needs. And the free wi-fi seems to work well.

All we did on Wednesday was make a grocery run to Walmart, and Dee got a haircut in the Walmart beauty shop. Today we went to see the movie The Martian, starring Matt Damon.

We saw the movie at an AMC Cinema in Alpharetta, GA, about 15 miles from the park. The theater we saw it in is one of only a few theaters in the U.S. with the new Dolby Cinema technology. It had big, comfy recliners that vibrated with the action on the screen, new high dynamic range laser video technology, and a new type of super surround sound called Dolby Atmos. Dee didn't think it was much different than any other nice theater but, me being a technology nerd, I thought it was awesome! It's a guy thing I guess. :)  Incidentally, the movie was incredible! It definitely should be considered for this year's Best Picture Oscar. Great acting, great cinematography, and a very entertaining and suspenseful story. Highly recommended.

We're here until Saturday, when we move further south. See you in a few days.

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