Thursday, August 13, 2015

Ceveland Indians Baseball Game

(Diamond, OH) Hi 79 Lo 56 -- Yesterday I drove to downtown Cleveland to Progressive Field to see the Cleveland Indians take on the New York Yankees. Another major league ballpark to mark off my list. Of the 30 major league ballparks, I've visited 22 overall, and 15 during our six years of full timing. Two of them may or may not count, because I went to a Giants game at their old ballpark (Candlestick Park) many years ago, and I went to a NY Yankees game at the old Yankee Stadium in 2004. It's interesting that I haven't been to the two ballparks in Florida yet (Tampa and Miami) because we're never in Florida during the summer. :)

I parked in a parking garage a few blocks from the stadium ($15, ouch!) and approached Progressive Field at the right field gates.

Like I normally do at a ballpark I haven't been to yet, I walked around to soak in the atmosphere. Here's the main entrance behind home plate.

I got a pretty good deal on a seat in the 4th row of the upper deck behind home plate, which is my favorite view of the action. It's a $46 dollar seat that I got for $32 on StubHub. (StubHub is awesome by the way. The price you see is the price you pay, no hidden or extra fees. And you can print out the ticket just minutes after you pay.)

Downtown ballparks may be harder to get to with all the parking hassles, but they usually offer some nice views around the area. This wasn't nearly as scenic as PNC Park in Pittsburgh, but it's still nice.

I love being at a ball game when the sun is going down, casting a golden glow on everything.

The place was only about half full, so like I usually do I moved around to some other parts of the stadium.

This is an interesting view from the seats in the upper part of the lower bowl. Looks like you're looking through a mail slot. :)

People pay big bucks for lower level seats along the baselines. But I'd rather be up higher. The seats are cheaper and the view is better (to me anyway).

Then there's the bleachers. You're a loooong way from home plate, but it's a good place to watch the outfielders do their thing.

The Indians won the game 2-1. It was nice to see Alex Rodriguez, the unrepentant drug user of the Yankees, get lots of well deserved boos when he came up to bat.

After the game it was an easy hop on the interstate for the trip home. Another enjoyable evening at the ole ball game!

Tomorrow we're taking the rig about 25 miles to All-Pro RV Service in Alliance. They called this morning to say the refrigerator cooling unit is in and they'll be ready for us. Also, their mobile guy Tim was here in the park this morning taking care of another customer, and he stopped by our rig to say hi and he'll see us tomorrow. That's the kind of customer service that gives me a good feeling about tomorrow. I hope it turns out as well as we hope. We'll tell you about it Sunday.

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Mike and Terri said...

Even though I'm not really a baseball fan, I really do enjoy your visits to ballparks. You have an appreciation for them much like I do for racetracks and speedways. They all obviously have common features, but they're all different too, and express their own character.