Sunday, August 16, 2015

Refrigerator - Movie Day

(Diamond, OH) Hi 89  Lo 70 -- Friday we hitched up early for a short trip to All Pro RV Service in Alliance, about 25 miles away to get a new cooling unit installed in our refrigerator. We were lucky they got the cooling unit in within a few days while we're here. (Click on the pictures to enlarge them.)

The old cooling unit.

The techs pulled the fridge out and laid it face down on the floor of the RV to install the new cooling unit.

After allowing the fridge to run overnight to get cooled down we re-packed the food we were able to save, and it's now working great. We even put some ice cream in the freezer and it's frozen solid, which is a first for us. I'm not going to pack it as much as I've done in the past. We'll go shopping more often. Our extended warranty took care of all but $50 of the cost. (The total would have been about $2,200 if we didn't have the extended warranty.) We've been very pleased with our Cornerstone United extended warranty, which we got through If you're looking for an extended warranty we heartily recommend them. So far they've paid for a slide motor, water heater, toilet, air conditioner, and now a refrigerator cooling unit. We paid $1,796 for a 5-year contract, so it's paid for itself probably double.

Another problem we had them fix was the RV brakes. We had new brakes put on in North Carolina, but they've been slowly losing their effectiveness. Each time Jim checked the brake fluid it was down but only by a little. They found a small section of the brake line was cracked on the end and leaking. It was a quick fix.

One more small fix was to replace a balky igniter on our stove top. It was a little thing that we probably could have done ourselves, but it was easy to have them take care of it. Overall we're quite pleased with All-Pro RV Service. If you're ever near Alliance, OH we highly recommend them. 

Saturday we went to Youngstown to see the movie The man from U.N.C.L.E. It's based on the 60's TV show. Jim watched the TV show when he was a teen, but I never watched it. It was very good, a little like a James Bond movie. They really nailed the overall look of the 60's in the movie, and it had some beautiful location scenery. We recommend it with two thumbs up. 

While we were in town we stopped at Walmart to get a few food items since the refrigerator is back working again. Funny story: We had lunch at the Subway inside the store and found out something funny. Before we paid for our order the clerk asked us if it's "for here or to go". We said we'll eat here, but she wrapped our order in a bag like a go order. I asked her why she did that and she said that she has to ask if it's for eating in or to go because they charge a higher tax if you eat in. Our order was 40 cents more than if we'd said it was "to go". I told her OK we'll take it to go, and she made the change. I then asked if we could eat at one of her tables and she said no problem, everyone says the order is to go and then eats it there, and they don't have a problem with that. She even said some nervous customers will order "to go", walk around the store for a couple of minutes and then sneakily return to eat at a table. She said they don't care where you eat the meal, but they're required to ask. Must be an Ohio thing...

We move to Elkhart, Indiana tomorrow. It will be a longer trip then we usually do, but we'll be settled for 17 days in the land of great Amish food.

See you in a few days.


Rick and Kathy Rousseau said...

Make sure to visit the weekly Flea Market at Shipshewana. It's not far from where you'll be and should use an entire day to see it. Make certain to keep hydrated with this high heat.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It's about time.

Darlene said...

what is your favorite amish food?