Friday, July 3, 2015

Movies - Grandsons

(Scott AFB, Bellville, IL) Hi 84  Lo  70  --    We forgot to mention a couple of movies we saw in the last week or so. We like mentioning the movie we attend so we can keep up with what we've seen.

Ted 2 is a very funny but raunchy comedy. We both enjoyed it but it didn't quite live up to the hilarity of the trailers of it that we saw. We recommend it, but it's rated R, and it really earns the rating with a lot of coarse language and raunchy humor. So beware if you don't like that sort of thing.

We saw Terminator Genisys with the grandsons. They loved it, we enjoyed the special effects and action. But it was slightly confusing to follow, what with all the time travel and stuff. It also helps to know the backstory from the previous Terminator movies of the 80's. Arnold Schwarzenegger was a hoot to watch. The guy's still got it as far as bringing the action. Just leave your thinking cap at home, you won't need it. Would we have gone to see it without the grandkids? Probably not, we're getting kind of bored with all the CGI-filled action hero movies.

We love having the grandkids spend the night with us in the RV whenever we visit, and this year is no exception. We had a wonderful dinner at their place, then brought the boys home with us. We ate junk food and watched two DVD movies with them, and by then it was almost midnight, so we inflated our queen-size air mattress and the boys slept on our living room floor. It made for a crowded home, but it was so much fun!

Jim, Kyle and Kendall

This morning we were all up by 10am and goofed around awhile then took the boys home. Kyle is 16 years old and has his drivers license, so of course he has been wanting a car. He's been saving his money from his weekend job, and this morning his mom Angie went to pick up his new (to him) 1998 Ford Escort and had it waiting for him when we got there. It looks pretty sharp with its bright red color, and will be very economical for him to drive around town and back and forth to work. We're so happy we were here to see the joy on his face when he got it. Congrats Kyle!

We're still getting rain in the area but not as much as we've gotten the past two weeks. Maybe it can dry out a bit. We noticed an addition to the famcamp here at Scott AFB, a new fire pit.

It would be great if they would get sewer hookups at each site, but that's not likely to happen any time soon. A couple of days ago we had to go through our hitch-up routine just to drag Tumbleweed a few hundred yards to the dump station to drain our tanks. :(

This evening Jim is going to the Cardinals baseball game at Busch Stadium with my sister Doris and hubby Herm. So I'll have an evening to myself. I'll be in the chat room and keep an eye on the game on TV.

See you in a few days.

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