Monday, July 6, 2015

Dee's Sewing Skills - Baseball Games

(Scott AFB, Belleville, IL) Hi 88 Lo 79 -- Happy Independence Day everyone!

Our RV has a vinyl liner that covers the bottom of the rig, and there are several zippered cutouts that allow access to the slide motors and other parts of the undercarriage. The zipper broke on one of the cutouts and we've tried various types of tape to keep it from flapping, but they all came loose. We finally came up with the idea to sew it with an upholstery needle and heavy duty upholstery thread. On Saturday Dee climbed underneath and showed off her sewing skills. She did a wonderful job! (Click on the photos to enlarge them.)

A good example of why all young girls should learn how to sew. (They still learn that in Home Economics, right? Yeah, right.)

This holiday weekend I got to go to two St. Louis Cardinals games one on Friday with my sister-in-law Doris (Dee's sis) and her husband Herm, and one on Sunday with son Frank and the grand boys Kyle and Kendall.

Friday night the Cards took on the San Diego Padres. We had very good loge seats on the first base line.

Here's a panorama that shows most of the stadium.

I took this selfie of Doris and me. It's out of focus, but I wanted to show what a fun-loving gal she is.

The Cards lost to the Padres, losing their fourth consecutive game. It was only their first 4-game losing streak of the season.

On Sunday I went with son Frank, and grand boys Kyle and Kendall to watch the Cards take on the Padres again. They won the night before, so they ended that pesky losing streak. We had a great time sitting in the outfield bleachers. Frank said it reminded him of all the games we watched from the bleachers in the old Busch Stadium when he was a kid and I was stationed here at Scott AFB.

Frank, Kendall, and Kyle

Frank wanted to show me Ballpark Village, the big area of restaurants and nightclubs that opened a couple of years ago. I'd never seen it so I was looking forward to checking it out. It's right across the street from the stadium, as you can see here. The stadium is on the left and Ballpark Village is on the right.

Here it is looking back from the other end of the street, with the stadium's main entrance on the right.

Inside there is a huge central atrium area with tables for enjoying food and drink from the many eating and drinking establishments that ring the complex. And check out the size of that TV! (note from Dee: he wants that in our RV)

Not only do they show all the Cards games on that big TV (and all of the smaller ones that are everywhere), but Frank said they show all the other national sports leagues during their various seasons. Looks like a fun place to gather for sports fans.

The Cards won the game, which made for a happy trip home. It was a very special day for me to be with my boys, one I'll never forget.

Tonight we're going to have pizza night with the family as we regrettably have to say goodbye to them for another year. It's been a great three weeks. We're leaving tomorrow for Indianapolis.

See you in a few days.

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Dizzy-Dick said...

I have only been to one ball game and that was when I was a boy. My Dad was a salesman for H.J. Heinz Co. and sometimes would take clients to a Pittsburgh Pirates game at the box seats they had along the first base line. One time one of the clients didn't show so I took his seat. I could lead over the fence and touch the field. Will always remember that day. BTW, that was back in old Forbes Field.