Thursday, December 4, 2014

Movie Day - Down Time

(Avon Park, FL) Hi 80 Lo 60 -- The days are going fast. I think it's because I'm not always worried about posting the blog. It's been relaxing the last couple days, except for getting more medical appointments done. I had my eyes checked and it looks like I'll need cataract surgery. I think old age is catching up with me.

We've started working out at the park fitness center. Jim works out on the elliptical trainer and I do the stationary recumbent bike. I'm pleased that the cortisone shot I got recently has had a good effect on my knee. We're catching up on the TV show House of Cards. We checked out the DVD sets for both seasons from the local library and we're watching a couple of episodes a day. It's a very good show.

We went today to see the movie The Hunger Games, Mockingjay Part I. It's the third Hunger Games movie. We've seen the first two, and we really liked all of them. This one left you hanging at the end because it's the first half of the third book. The second half will be released next year.

I was hungry for Mexican food tonight so we stopped at Don Jose's Mexican restaurant in Sebring. It's right on  lake Jackson.  The food is great. 

 The lake from the parking lot.
When we came out there was a lot of noise from hundreds of birds that were on the electric lines and in the trees. I'm glad they decided not to attack. 

We're enjoying our down time. Tomorrow is my crocheting class in the morning, and in the afternoon Comcast Cable is having a presentation in the club house about the new cable system being installed in the park. They're providing free pizza!

We'll see you in a few days. 


Bob and Jo said...

Movies and down time are a good thing.

Gail Houle said...

Glad the cortisone shot helped. Bummer about the cataracts but it's an easier surgery these days compared to years ago. You'll be seeing great quickly!
Enjoy your down time.

Gregory and Doris Mercado said...

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Jim and Judy said...

It is tough needing down time from all that down time!