Sunday, November 30, 2014

Visitors and Cleaning

(Avon Park, FL) Hi 78 Lo 61 -- It's the end of another month and only one more to go in 2014. We're enjoying it here at our winter park. More and more snowbirds are coming in now that Thanksgiving is over. A lot more will arrive after Christmas.

I've been babying my knee since I got the cortisone shot last week, and so far so good. Today I cleaned out the inside of the car. There was a lot of sand and dirt from our travels out west. It took awhile to accomplish that task, and my knee was hurting afterwards so I relaxed and crocheted the rest of the day.

We had visitors yesterday (Saturday). Vi and Kevin stopped by on their way back to their park in Okeechobee. They went full time a couple years ago and are glad they did. We were so glad to see them again. They work camp in their park. We'll see them again when we go to visit my sister in Okeechobee this winter.

Kevin and Vi

Jim piddled a little with some small tasks around the house and watched some football on TV. I still have some closets to clean and sort. But hey, we have four more months. I'll get to them before we get back on the road in April.

We'll see you in three days.


Laurel Owen said...

Nice to have all that leisure time! With only one day off each week, we have to cram a lot into that day!

Bob and Jo said...

Bet football looks good on the new TV!

Phyllis said...

Mine kind of gal. If I don't get to those closets today, there is tomorrow, or the next day, or the next ........