Monday, December 8, 2014

To Decorate (or Not) - Visit From Family

(Avon Park, FL)


The biggest decision this year was whether or not to decorate and put up Christmas lights. Call us Scrooge, but it's a real hassle, and we're getting lazy. All that work to put up lights just to take them down again a few weeks later. So this year I put up our little tree in the back window and that's it. There were a few suggestions on Facebook on how to attach lights to a fifth wheel, and for a while I was thinking about trying them. But then the feeling went away. :)

While we were sitting outside this little bird decided to clean up a bit. I couldn't get  pic with him looking at me, but the colors were pretty and he was little. I have no idea what kind it is. He flew off with a female when he was done pruning. The female was a lot darker in color.

We saw this clock on the side of an RV while on one of our walks. A nice idea, but we're not that interested in knowing what time it is anymore. :)


Our church is decorated for Christmas. It's so pretty so I took a picture to share.

Monday (today):

When I got up this morning we had a group of Sandhill Cranes right outside our window. They're so stately and proud looking birds. They prance around and act like they own the place.

My sister Doris and her hubby Herm recently bought a park model home in Okeechobee and are down for the winter months. They came up to see us today and brought their friend Judy with them. We took them to the Jacaranda Hotel for lunch. It's a beautiful 1920's-era hotel in downtown Avon Park, and one of our favorite places to eat.

Jim, Herm, Judy, Doris

Dining room in the Jacaranda Hotel

Dessert table

The main lobby is beautifully decorated for Christmas.

After lunch we took them on a driving tour around Sebring, then back to our home for more chatting. Doris, Judy and I are wine lovers, so we sampled a bottle of wine from a local winery while we visited. 

It was rainy most of the afternoon so they left to get home before it got too late. We loved their visit and had a great time. We can't wait to see them again when we pay them a return visit to their home in Okeechobee.

Tonight we went to the clubhouse for our twice-weekly card games. 

See you in a few days.


Gypsy said...

This was a very interesting post, Dee. I quit decorating for anything years ago. I think a lot of them are just for show and have no real meaning.

By the way, I see you have the Orive-you're-not-a-robot feature now. I finally figured out how to get rid of it as I wrote in my blog today.

Laurel Owen said...

Yeah, we're bah-hum bugging it this year. We're not home enough to enjoy the lights or tree, and we'll be hopping from Pilot to Pilot on way to CA Christmas week.

Laurel Owen said...

Yeah, we're bah-hum bugging it this year. We're not home enough to enjoy the lights or tree, and we'll be hopping from Pilot to Pilot on way to CA Christmas week.

Dizzy-Dick said...

We haven't decorated for a few years, but this year, since our son married a wonderful gal with two children, we are starting to decorate and it gives my wife something to look forward to this year.

Selene Montgomery said...

We haven't decorated for 5 or more years. We're always out of town for Christmas, and now that we're full-timers, we don't want to take up space with storing decorations. I'll just enjoy the efforts of others.

Merry Christmas!

Jessica Riker said...

We haven't decorated for the past two years since we started working at Amazon. No point since we have to pack them all up to move before Christmas anyway. :)

Thanks for the picture of our site. It looks wonderful. I love Palm trees.

Jim and Judy said...

I thought about decorating but since I didn't do it immediately, I forgot about it. Maybe next year.

Doris Mercado said...

We too have not done the decorating thing in a few years. If we're home I'll put out a few lights on the bushes, and put up a very lil tree. Out in the Rv, well its not going to happen. Here @ Foster Creek Rv park, military housing is one block away and these folks have the bug for Christmas decorating, so we are getting our fill. Thankfully. Your photo's were great to view, oh and a big yum on that dessert table!