Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Florida At Last! – Movie Day

(Lake City, FL) Hi 75 Lo 54 – Happy election day! I hope everyone exercised their precious right to vote.

Yesterday it was in the 30's when we got up, but it warmed to the low 40's by the time we hitched up to move on to Florida. The owner of the park (A-Okay Mobile Home and RV Park) came to tell us how to leave the park because there were workers installing a new sewer tank and were blocking the normal exit route. We talked for a few minutes. They have big plans for expanding the park. They don’t have a bath house or laundry as yet, but they'll be built this winter. We left at our normal time of 10am. On our way out we saw this sign.

2014-11-01 walter street dothan al (3)

It was short road leading to one house, likely occupied by the Walter family. I wonder if we're related?

We had a smooth and uneventful trip to Lake City, FL.

It wasn't long at all before we crossed over the Florida, and we immediately felt like we were home.
2010-03-14 Florida

We arrived at Oaks 'N Pines RV Park in Lake City around 2:00. We were here last April and we forgot about the unusual parking rules they have here. First of all there's a $5 per day charge for an extra vehicle. But you're not allowed to park both vehicles at the site, not even during the setting up process. I had to park the car in a separate parking area while we un-hitched, then Jim drove the truck to the parking area and brought the car back to our site so we could un-pack it. Sheesh! But that wasn't the bad part. Jim mildly protested the rule, being as there were only a few rigs in the park and we promised to take the truck to the parking area right after we got set up. Well, the owner all of a sudden went berserk and started yelling at us and said if we couldn't follow the rules he will give us our money back and we can leave. And he took it a step farther and actually ordered us to "get out!" Needless to say we were quite surprised and almost speechless at the sudden change in his demeanor. Jim finally calmed him down and he backed off. We probably should have left, but we were tired and didn't feel like looking for another park. So now we're just staying away from the office and looking forward to leaving tomorrow and never coming back here again. The guy's wife was actually very nice, but this guy shouldn't have any contact with their customers. Jim read some of the past reviews of the park on rvparkreviews.com and there were a few mentions of this man's rudeness. And we're going to add a review once we leave. We don't want to take a chance on the owners seeing the review before we leave and ordering us to leave in the middle of the night. That actually happened to one reviewer when some friends came to pick them up for dinner. The owner came over to scream at them and tell them they can't have their car at the site. When the RV owners returned from dinner they had a note on their door ordering them to leave. So we highly recommend you skip this park if you need a place to stay in Lake City. We're certainly never coming back. It's a shame too, it's actually a fairly nice park. This was the first time in five years we’ve had this kind of trouble.

This afternoon we decided to take in a movie. We both wanted to see "Fury", Jim because it's a war movie, and me because it stars Brad Pitt. :)  It was definitely a different role for Brad Pitt (and he had a different look, too). It was a very good movie, and one of the most realistic war movies we've seen since "Saving Private Ryan." We both give it a thumbs up.


We had an early dinner at Red Lobster before coming back to the park. When we pulled in we saw this RV pull in a couple of sites over from us. It's called  Hi-Lo and it's a fancy version of a pop-up camper. Here it is in "travel mode."


And here it is after it was raised to living mode.


It even has a small slide out.


Tonight we'll watch the election coverage. Tomorrow is our last travel leg of the summer as we head to our winter site at Adelaide Shores RV Resort in Avon Park.

See you in two days.


Dizzy-Dick said...

I guess that is one RV park that is better to avoid. Thanks for the warning.

Jim and Judy said...

Judy and I are watching the returns come in. Looking GOOD now. Then it on to 2016.

Jessica Riker said...

Wow that's crazy. How do they stay in business?? We will not be going there.

Phyllis said...

Rudeness never gets anyone anywhere. This time it's surely lack of business and less money in the pocket. Good riddance I say.

Ray and Cindy said...

Cindy wonders if the guy is bi-polar and either is off his meds or doesn't have any. I would stay away from there.

Gypsy said...

It's a wonder that RV Park can stay in business at all. He shouldn't be dealing with the public, for sure. I would have taken my money back and driven all night if I had to.

Bob and Jo said...

We felt the same way the closer we got to our winter home.