Friday, October 31, 2014

Move to Alabama - Movie Day

(Hoover, AL) Hi 64  Lo 40 -- We had a wonderful trip to Hoover, AL yesterday.

Our hitch up routine was quicker than normal because we didn't have to dump the tanks and put away the sewer hose. Since we’re not staying long at each leg of our trip to Florida, we only have to dump about every other stop and there’s very little to put away. We have three more moves and we’ll be at Adelaide Shores RV Resort in Avon Park, FL, which will be our winter home for the fourth consecutive year.

The trees this far south don't have much color yet, but it's turning very cold tonight as a cold front comes through, so the leaves will probably change pretty quickly.

We're now stopping at places we've been to before, so we're not doing any sightseeing. We’re getting tired, so we’re basically just chilling out watching TV, and I’m crocheting in the evenings. We're getting into our lazy "winter mode."

Today (Friday) is Halloween. We haven’t seen trick or treater for years, and never in an RV park. We made this a movie day and went to see "St. Vincent".


It was a terrific movie, very funny with great acting by Bill Murray and Melissa McCarthy. We wouldn't be surprised if Bill Murray was nominated for an Oscar; he was that good. On the way to the theater we stopped for lunch at a local deli and it was fun to see the wait staff dressed up in costumes.

I have to show off the two afghans I made for the grand boys. I gave them to them during our visit last week. The green one is a football field motif for Kendall, and the other is done in Kyle's favorite color, orange. The design is "eyes".

2014-10-07 crocheted football field2014-10-16  afghan for kyle (1)

The park we’re in is Hoover RV Park, in the town of Hoover, which is just south of Birmingham. It has full hookups and great wi-fi. It's adjacent to the Hoover Metropolitan Stadium, a minor league baseball park. It's all paved, with a few patches of grass mainly at the ends of the rows.

Our site.

There weren't many here when the picture was taken, but more RV’s come in toward evening. It hasn't been close to full though.

A pretty line of trees on Stadium Drive coming in off the highway.

The stadium can be seen from our site.

We have a freeze warning tonight, so we're happy to be on the move farther south tomorrow.

See you in two days.


runningmemaw said...

The afghans look great! Enjoy your "lazy" mode :)

Dizzy-Dick said...

Anything with Bill Murray in it has to be funny.

Laurel Owen said...

We want to see that movie too, thanks for the thumbs up. I've decided to take on knitting, maybe I can get a blanket going :) Safe travels this week!

Gypsy said...

I really love the afghans, and I'm sure the boys will too. When I have been on a long trip and get within a few hundred miles of home, I'm usually anxious to just get it over with. You've traveled a lot of miles and seen so much, you must be exhausted and want to just park somewhere for a few months and chill out.