Friday, October 17, 2014

Family's RV Still In the Shop

(Edwardsville, IL) Hi 69 Lo 52 -- We made an early start this morning and went to O'Fallon to meet with Jim's family at the garage where their motorhome is being repaired. The fan belt disintegrated from the a/c compressor seizing up. Sounds like an easy fix, Right? Wrong! They went out and bought four different fan belts and none of them fit. They got the (supposedly) correct part number from Ford, but even it didn't fit. They ran out of time today, and and a couple of the guys are coming in tomorrow to see if they can find the proper one. The family is planning to leave on Tuesday, so we're hoping they get it fixed soon. They're staying at the side of the garage building with an electrical hookup, but we're missing out being together with them in our park. Isn't it so typical? Any repair on an RV always seems to turn out to be a long process.

We went to a birthday dinner at a restaurant in Collinsville for Frank's wife Angie. There were 13 family members from Frank's side and Angie's side. Happy birthday, Angie!

(Click to enlarge) Left to right: Alberta, Frank, Angie, Angie's niece Hunter, her brother Jim, his wife Kim, Angie's mom Sherry, Kendall, Kyle, Dee, and Jim

We had a great time visiting for a couple hours, then took the family back to their motorhome and we came home. We're all so tired from just waiting.

See you tomorrow.


Judy Maddox said...

Tell Miss Alberta that Jim & Judy said hello!!! She looks good!!!!

Judy Maddox said...
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Bob and Jo said...

You are so right, RV repairs are always an adventure.