Thursday, October 16, 2014

Family Arrives

(Edwardsville, IL) HI 71 Lo 46 -- Finally, a sunny day! Not a cloud in the sky, and the warm sun was very welcome.

We piddled around home today waiting for Jim's family to arrive from North Carolina. Jim's sister Sharon, her boyfriend Jimmie, and mom Alberta came in Jimmie's RV for the weekend. Sharon is attending a Medical Assistants Conference in St. Louis, so they decided to make it a family road trip. We got a text about 2:30 this afternoon that they were stranded about 15 miles from us with a broken fan belt. We went out to meet them and son Frank joined us as we waited for AAA to send out a tow truck. It took a couple of hours, but the truck finally arrived and towed the rig to a repair shop in O'Fallon. They're set up in the parking lot with a 30-amp electric hook up, so they'll stay there tonight. Hopefully it'll be repaired quickly tomorrow and they can move here to the park we're in.

We brought them back to our rig and had a dinner of crock pot chili that I prepared this morning. They were tired from their travel and a little stressed over the breakdown, so Jim took them back to O'Fallon for the night. It was a wild day!

See you tomorrow, which hopefully won't be quite so hectic.

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Dizzy-Dick said...

Breakdowns are a big concern of mine while on the road with my rig. Have been lucky enough to have had few and at or near campgrounds. The one exception was when my toad blew a tire and ripped off its fender. Had to have a flatbed winch truck come get it and take it back to my home. We were only less then 30 miles from home. We continued on without it.