Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Still in Camp Master Tech for RV Repairs

(Elkhart, IN) Hi 75 Lo 49 -- We were up and ready at 6:30 for another day of waiting for our repairs to be done. They came over to tell us to hang loose and wait for our new air conditioner to be delivered later this morning. They finally came to get us about 1:15. Several RV's left and one came in today so it looks like they're catching up. Some of the repair techs recently had the flu and that's the reason they got behind.

I mentioned yesterday the RV tech assigned to us looked like a surgeon. His name is J.D. and today I took a picture of him.

Some other folks waiting for repairs sat outside with their dogs.

They happened to be sitting right next to the dump station. We all got a laugh out of that.

The workers usually end their workday around 3:30, but J.D. kept working on Tumbleweed until about 4:00. The new AC/heat pump (a Coleman) is in and working. They have to do some more adjusting of our slide, and a couple of other small things for us tomorrow, but it looks like we should be done by mid-day. We're hoping...

See you tomorrow.


Dizzy-Dick said...

Unless they find something really bad with the slides, you should be "on the road again".

Jessica Riker said...

Yay!! Glad that your wait is just about over. It's nice that there have been people in the area for you to get together with while you're there. :) I imagine pretty soon you'll be heading south in search of some warmer weather!! :)