Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Camp Master Tech

(Elkhart, IN) Hi 70 Lo 41 -- We slept in a half hour later this morning. We turned on the little space heater last night and slept better without being as cold. They got us into the bay at 7:30 and started working on the RV right away.

It's like being in a hospital, the main guy working on our RV wears a surgeons cap to keep oil and dirt out of his hair. He came by to tell us progress every once in awhile, so it was like a surgeon telling us about our baby.

Our RV in the bay. (Click on picture to enlarge)

There's several RV's in the service building packed in like sardines.


We went to lunch and when we got back we had a progress update. The AC compressor is shot, so they're ordering a new complete air conditioner. Ours is a Carrier, which is no longer in the RV business. So we're getting a Coleman unit that uses our same remote control unit, so they won't have to install any wires in our walls for a thermostat. The part for the propane furnace came in so that's fixed. They decided on a solution for our slide problem. They're installing another roller on the bottom of it to provide more support. Then they went back to work and we went back to the waiting room.

At the end of the day they had the new roller installed. Here it is, under our kitchen sink area.

They also repaired the gap where the kitchen cabinets were pulling away from the wall by installed some gussets. The frame and structure under the front cap was checked and everything is ok there. The AC will (hopefully) come in tomorrow and be installed. We're back in our parking lot site for the night.

My nephews Dave and Doug live in the area, so we arranged to have dinner with them and their wives at Das Dutchman Essenhaus Restaurant, one of the best Amish restaurants around.

The laughs were many and the food (all you can eat buffet) was delicious.

L to R: Dee, Jim, Dave, Doug, Tina, and Pam

Doug, Dee, Jim, Tina and Dave

Pam, Doug's wife took the picture above, so we have to include her.

We had a wonderful time and on the way home the sunset was beautiful.

Hopefully we'll wrap up our repairs tomorrow. See you then.


Dizzy-Dick said...

It will be like a brand new RV, right? Glad you will be getting your baby back tomorrow.

Paul and Marti Dahl said...

I know it's taking a long time, but it's worth it to have the repairs done right. Good idea on the extra roller on the slide. Why to manufacturers make things so cheaply? Then they wonder why they have no repeat customers.

Laurel Owen said...

Geez, now I wonder how many rollers we have on our big slide. Good thing you are flexible enough to be able to wait all these repairs out.