Sunday, July 13, 2014

Big Pines RV Park

(Crescent, OR) Hi 93 Lo 45 -- Today we relaxed and watched the NASCAR race from New Hampshire. Jim also switched back and forth to the World Cup Final and the St. Louis Cardinals game. I caught up on blog reading and labeled pictures. It’s time for a backup, so I did that too.

As I normally do I'll tell you a little about the park we're in, Big Pines RV Park in Crescent, OR The park is one of the quietest we’ve been to in a long time. There’s no planes, trains, or traffic noise. And there are very few lights at night, so the stars would be very bright if it wasn’t for the bright moon. There are lots of trees, but they're tall pines so we don't have to worry about branches hanging over or touching the RV. The park management was nice enough to give us a site with a clear view of the southern sky for our satellite to work.

Our site
2014-07-10 big Pines RV Park Crescent OR (5)

2014-07-10 big Pines RV Park Crescent OR (3)

Other views around the park.
2014-07-10 big Pines RV Park Crescent OR (1)


2014-07-10 big Pines RV Park Crescent OR (1)





One unusual thing about Oregon that brought back memories for us is how you buy gas for your car in Oregon. By state law there is no self service. We stopped to fill up yesterday and three cute girls came out to pump the gas and wash all the windows (much needed). Jim was all over that! The girl washing his side window teased him about getting him wet. The only problem is, it costs an extra couple of dollars every time you gas up because of tips.

Tomorrow we move about 90 miles north to Madras, OR. We'll be meeting up with our good friends Jim and Judy while we're there. Can't wait.

See you in two days.


Tom and Marci said...

Love your new header photo - beautiful! That looks like a really nice RV Park!

Dizzy-Dick said...

I am just wondering. A lot of parks I have been in only allow two vehicles per site. Don't you have a truck, a car, and a fifth wheel trailer? Does that create any problems?

Rod Ivers said...

I hated it when they filled my tank... They never got it full... They put the hose in and when it clicked off the fill was done... In my motorhome you are short about 10 gallons that way.. They would never believe me... so no tip was given...

Ron said...

Who tips? I've lived in Oregon since 1976, never have I tipped. No self serve is the law. Except at truck stops on the commercial diesel islands.

DreamCatcher said...

I only tip on holidays like thanksgiving and's cold and they don't get to be home with family.

Jessica Riker said...

NJ is the same, no self-service. But we have never tipped for having our gas pumped there.

Laurel Owen said...

Nice site, well chosen :)

Doug said...

I lived in Oregon for 60 years. You do not tip for having gas pumped!! Now if you want to tip some cute girls who wash your window, then that is a different matter. But you do not have to tip for any service at gas stations in Oregon.

Mike and Terri said...

Looks like a nice park. Say "HI" to Jim and Judy for us. Safe travels!