Monday, June 16, 2014

Reno: The Biggest Little City In the World

(Carson City, NV) Hi 73 Lo 43 -- We took a drive to Reno today, about 20 miles north on I-580. It was very gusty and there were signs along the highway for high wind alert, and warning all trucks, trailers, and RV's to take side roads.  (Click on the pictures to enlarge them.)

There are some ski areas on the local mountains, as you can see here.

The mountains must funnel the winds along I-580. I could sure feel it in our car!

This bridge that took years to build. The first contractor gave up on it due to cost overruns, and years later another contractor finished it.

We shopped for a few things that we couldn’t find in Carson City, and then took a drive through downtown. Reno is like "Vegas Lite." Smaller city, smaller hotel/casino complexes, and overall not as much "glitter."






Some kind of dance demonstration on a street corner.

An attractive example of some of the municipal art around Carson City.

We got back early afternoon and watched the first USA World Cup soccer match.

See you tomorrow.


Dizzy-Dick said...

If looks like that big bird sculpture is ready to snatch up an passing unaware meal, like an RV for the main course and a small car for desert. (grin)

Judy Pirtle said...

Dee ...I enjoyed seeing the photos of Reno. I plan to go there when I leave OR. I have only been there once before on a ski trip several years ago and had forgotten what it looked liked. Hope I don't have to deal with the wind. Love your blog. I'll check in now and then.


Gypsy said...

I avoid Reno if I can. For some reason I've always found the traffic to be horrendous no matter what time of day it is. If I want to drive into Nevada I go up 50 to Tahoe, skirt the lake, and stay on US 50 across Nevada. My mom used to like to play the slots there and I would go with her for company, but I hated it. I'm not much of a gambler..

Bob and Jo said...

Wind and RVs don't mix do they?