Friday, June 20, 2014

Fun Fun Friday

(Carson City, NV) Hi 84 Lo 52 -- It's warming up and it feels so good! It's nothing like the humid heat in the Southeast, but very comfortable in the 80's here.

Yesterday we took a walk across the parking lot to the casino. Jim played a little video poker and came out ahead, so it was an hour or so of fun time. I went to a craft store and picked up some more yarn. Since we're not off sightseeing everyday I need to keep busy, so I have several ideas in mind for projects. I'm also thinking about selling some things on Etsy, a craft website, for just the price I pay for yarn.

Today is Friday, and our friends George and Linda call it Fun Fun Friday. Every Friday they get go out for lunch and do a little gambling at a casino across town. The buffet is great and it's fun watching all the different things going on in the casino. At least that's what I do. I'm not much for gambling, I just hate to see my money disappear. Of course, I've never won. I guess I don't play enough to win, and if I don't win I don't want to play. Oh well, that's just me. :)

Tonight Jim and George are going to a Reno Aces baseball game. The Aces are a AAA minor league team. We'll have a report on their evening in tomorrow's blog.

I'm having a quiet relaxing time watching the clouds over the mountains and the comings and goings in the RV park.

See you tomorrow.


Night*Sky said...

Send some of that dry heat this way, please! It's been sweltering here in TN with temps ion the mid to upper 80's and the heat index at near 100. At least I'll finally get out of here soon and head west, then north.

Gypsy said...

On the rare occasions when I gamble I play the $1 slots, but depending on how many ways there are to win, I play a dollar for each. In some places you win a little back at a time so you can play longer, but don't try it in Delaware. I've never been to a casino where I never got a hit. I hate gambling really, and I don't think I've done any since before my Mom died. She was the slots queen!

Gregory Mercado said...

Sure do miss that dry west weather. Its been so humid and stormy here in Virginia. Looks like you guys are still having a great time. We still got a couple days before our Va Beach trip. I find myself already looking for our next long trip. Take care!

Jim and Judy said...

You Got Know When to Hold Them and Know When to Fold Them!

Tell Jim we have Direct TV back (we had to go through a vendor).

Bob and Jo said...

Fun fun days are everyday if you are retired and fulltiming across the country.