Sunday, March 16, 2014

Movie Day, Craft Show, and Bell Choir

(Avon Park, FL) Hi  88 Lo 64 -- We haven’t seen a movie day in a while so Friday afternoon we went to see "Son of God." We had intended to go with David and Toni, who had free tickets to the movie, but something came up and they couldn't go. They were kind enough to give us their four tickets so we invited Bill and Doris to go with us. The movie was wonderful and very uplifting. It was taken from parts of the mini-series "The Bible" that was on TV a few months ago, with extra scenes added. (Click on photos to enlarge them.)


David and Toni. They left Saturday morning for their northern home in Missouri. They'll be back next years. Thanks for the tickets guys!


Saturday was a busy day. In the morning was the annual crafts show at the clubhouse, where very talented park residents showed off the projects they worked on all winter. We sure do have a lot of very talented folks in this park! Here are a few of the items that were on display.

There were many beautiful quilts.


This quilted item was made in four layers then folded into baskets.

Card making, including these embroidered cards on the right

These bowling balls were decorated with stones.

Crocheted items.

Chimes on the left made from pottery, and flowers made of pantyhose on the right.

Beaded items.

Paper beads. I made the necklace on the left with the earrings.

Quilted bowls and hotpads

Paper tole work.

Paintings. Many of these were painted by people with no painting experience. The teacher in the painting class is great!


There were many wood carvers on hand showing their stuff.



Check out the detail on this hobo. Even his toes show thru his shoes.


Wood burning is another popular hobby. This detailed work is done with very small tools.



There were lots of people checking out the crafts.


I learned at the show that one of the park residents has a beer bottle tree. I had to see it, so as I did my walk I went by to check it out. He changes the bottles to match the colors of each holiday. It’s currently setup for St. Patricks day. Next week it will be changed for Easter. It’s quite unique and it lights up with different colors at night.


This morning (Sunday) was my first performance with the Union Congregational Church Faith Ringers, the handbell choir I've been practicing with the last few months. I don't like to talk, perform, or do anything in front of a lot of people, so I was awake all night thinking and worrying about it. I had to be up by 6:45 to get ready for morning practice at 7:40. We performed two songs, and our overall performance was pretty good. I did ok, and I’m sure I'll get better as I gain experience. I'm just glad it's over with. :)  Jim took a few pictures of our performance.

I’m the tall one on the right end, playing the bass bells.



Jim also made a short video that includes a portion of both songs. If you'd like to see it, click here.

After church we came home to settle in for the NASCAR race at Bristol, TN. It's delayed by rain, but it looks like they'll get it in.

I’d like to mention an exciting new social site for RV'ers called RVillage. It’s a place where you can keep up with your RV'ing friends and groups. Our friend Howard at RV-Dreams gave a great description of it on his blog, which you can read here. We've joined, and so have many of our friends. I urge you to check it out.

I also haven’t mentioned the chat room lately. Anyone with questions about the full time lifestyle, or RV'ing in general, is welcome to join us. We average 10-15 chatters each night, and we start around 8:30-9:00 eastern time. We love new members, and we also love passing on our knowledge and experience to others. Come join us at this link.

Thanks for stopping by, see you in three days.


Laurel Owen said...

What an accomplishment! I can read music,but I can't imagine being able to play the hand bells. They're going to miss you when you go!

Phyllis said...

Some really neat crafts there... but jewels on a bowling ball?

Would like to see that movie but with our gate guard 24/7 schedule does not look possible at this time.