Saturday, December 21, 2013

Pipes, Screws, Christmas Parade, and "I Feel Dizzy!"

(Avon Park, FL) Hi 86 Lo 66 -- We've had a stopped up kitchen drain for quite a while, and it got to the point of taking a very long time to drain the water. On Thursday Jim crawled under the sink and removed the pipes to determine what the problem is. One of the pipes was almost completely blocked by a glob of what looks like a rubbery fabric. We have no idea what it is, it almost looks like the interior coating of the pipe came loose. But the pipes don't appear to have any coating on the insides. And something like that couldn't possibly pass through the small holes in the drain. Very strange. He cleaned it out and it's now working fine. While he had the panels removed from the inside of the cabinet under the sink we saw some screws lying on the floor. Neither of us could figure out where they came from. I guess we'll know when something breaks or the sink falls through sometime in the future. :)  We'll keep an eye on it.

Friday we had the golf cart Christmas parade. The golf carts were so pretty all decorated up. (Click on pictures to enlarge)

Snoopy made an appearance.

There was one car in the parade, and it was a beauty!

Santa took a break from his busy work at the North Pole and stopped by.

A walking present.

The park had its first Christmas decoration contest. Judging was Friday night, and the results will be announced Monday morning at the weekly park meeting. We drove around the park to get some pictures of the decorations.

This is our place from the front

And the back

The view of our back window from inside.

Here's a few of the decorations around the park.

Of course it wouldn't be Florida without decorated palm trees. There are several of them in the park, both artificial and real.

Remember the 60's song "I Feel Dizzy" by Tommy Roe? Well, that's the way I felt on Friday, when a serious spell of dizziness came over me. Everything was spinning so hard I couldn't keep my balance, and I even got very sick. We looked on the internet, and Judy confirmed my suspicion that it may have been vertigo. I kept real still, and after about four hours it cleared up and it was like it never happened. I hope that doesn't happen while on the road driving. I have no idea what caused it, and I sure hope it doesn't happen again. At least it was short lived, this time.


Dizzy-Dick said...

I have been accused a few times of being dizzy. Maybe that is why they call me Dizzy. . . You may want to check with your doctor. Could be a Med that you are taking or a symptom of something.

Jim and Sandie said...

I agree with Dizzy - I think you should follow up with the doctor. I had a really bad case of vertigo several years ago and had to take some medication for it. Mine came about because of an ear ache. I still have occasional bouts but nothing as serious as that was.

Rick and Kathy Rousseau said...

I suffered a minor concussion years ago that caused a Vertigo problem that lasted for a couple of months. They had nothing for it back then. Two years ago out of the blue the imbalance returned without incident but now they have medications to remedy the problem. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It's about time.

Gypsy said...

Just be very careful if you drive a vehicle. And if it happens again, please seek medical advice. I've never had vertigo but know a few who have, and it isn't anything to mess with. I didn't realize there were meds you can take for it, but then I'm not one to believe much in meds - in this case though, if it was necessary to be able to drive I think I'd probably do it. Good luck.

George said...

December 22, 2013

I have been into compartments with what I call faults walls, or taking out lower draws and finding what I call “builders gold” or they did not pick up what dropped. There could be better cleaning done before “closing an area” at the manufacturer.


Gail Houle said...

I agree with the others. Please have it checked out. That's really scary!

Jodee Gravel said...

There are a couple of "exercises" I got from my physical therapist that will stop Vertigo when it occurs. You can find them online and they do work if the symptoms are caused by a temporary movement of "crystals" in your ear which is generally the case if it happens out of the blue, goes away on its own, and doesn't return in a few days......I wanted something that I could use in case it ever happened again which after one time I hope NEVER does again!

Donna W. said...

That's weird because Friday at the restaurant I was at the soda fountain and the same thing happened, everything was spinning and I had the weirdest feeling. Scared the life out of the young server that was in there with me. went away as fast as it came. I just blamed mine on not eating. It was Friday the 13h was it

Bob and Jo said...

Golf carts and decorations look neat.