Wednesday, December 18, 2013

One Week to Christmas

(Avon Park, FL) Hi 72 Lo 46 -- It's one week till Christmas and everything is whipping into shape. Decorations are being put up for Friday's golf cart parade and house decoration contest here in the park. The golf carts are always so neat, and I can't wait to take pictures on Friday. There's a few palm trees that have lights, so I'll take pictures of that too.

We're still dealing with doctor appointments but we're almost done. Jim had gum surgery yesterday, but he's doing fine. I still have my foot orthotics coming in, and we both have to see our dermatologist, then it should be done. I got the results of my heart stress test this morning, and it shows I have skipped heart beats, but not severe enough to worry about. If I do more exercise it will help eliminate the skips. I feel each one of them, which most people don't. That's good news. When and if my foot lets me walk I'll do more walking in the park. I'm going to see if I can ride the stationary bike in the activity center. We're both doing pretty good for being old folks. (Getting old isn't for sissies.)

We had some excitement a few days ago in the park. Someone tried to break into the supply shed here in the park. Everything was locked up but they set off the security alarm when trying to break in. Instead of driving out the entrance to the park they must have panicked and rammed their pickup through the back fence and took off down a small path outside the park. The people right beside where it happened slept through it (it happened at 2am), but their neighbor heard it and called 911. We're in another area of the park so we didn't hear anything.

Damage to the back fence

It's close to a couple RV's

The getaway path, with a steep ledge on the left.

People are starting to arrive little by little. In January we'll have a lot more coming in. Here's a couple views of the palm trees on the streets.

We sat outside and enjoyed the breeze and sun. I had my bi-weekly massage today, the last one of this year. This week and next will be slow with very little activities till after the holidays.

Our next post will be in three days, so check back then.


Donna W. said...

they must sleep like Sam. :-)
you are right getting old aint for sissies, oh well beats the alternative

Gypsy said...

I have had an irregular heart beat all my life, what they used to call a heart murmur. I was told a long time ago it was ok and don't worry about it, but with the newer doctors and medical centers, they see it as something for which they can send you for a test. Not me! I can feel mine, mostly when I sleep on one side (can't ever remember which side!)

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

That does look like a panic exit:)

Phyllis said...

Two years ago we were doing a NOMADS project at a Boys Ranch in OK. In the middle of the night a back field was set on fire. The fire trucks, etc passed within 10 feet in front on our rig. Slept right through the whole thing. Never heard a thing. And to think, Leonard used to be a volunteer firefighter.

Pictures of decorated palm trees would be interesting.