Thursday, November 14, 2013

One Week in Missouri

(Troy, MO) Hi 57 Lo 36 -- I've been in Missouri for a week. It went fast and we're all done with taking care of our mom's stuff. We're pleased with the the results. I also helped Sis get rid of a lot of her stuff she doesn't use anymore.

Now I'm relaxing and watching the birds, dogs, and cat along with playing games on the computer and watching TV. The life of a retiree.

I've been watching a Red Tail Hawk every morning trying to catch his breakfast with the little birds at the feeders. I learned at the Carolina Clan group that Red Tail Hawks kill other birds. (Click on the pictures to enlarge.)

Red Tail Hawk is circled.

We had a little bit of snow on Tuesday night, and it got down to 19 degrees. The ground is too warm for it to stay long, but the deck showed it's winter time.

Doris has a sweet Great Dane named Zoey. Buster the cat loves laying next to her.

I had to get a picture of me with Zoey.

We leave for Indiana early Friday morning. It's an eight hour drive to Nappanee. We think we'll have good weather till our trip back on Sunday. Jim is holding down the fort in Florida. He said he's doing his daily walks and socializing with some of our friends, otherwise nothing to report.

I'll post again on Monday. I'll be here in Missouri another week.


Donna W. said...

When it was still farmland behind us we used to see a lot of red tail hawks. Once fields were gone we only see afew. One day I saw a squirell flying down our driveway with a hawk hot on his trail, the squirrel ran up the tree at the end and jumped onto the roof of the upper garage. he sit there panting thinking he was safe...Uh Mr Squirrel they fly top of garage means nothing, so it went up higher in tree then down tree up really was funny watching this show. The hawk finally gave up. That dane is gorgeous

Mike and Terri said...

Awww -- that's a great picture of Zoey and Buster. So sweet!