Monday, November 11, 2013

Happy Veteran's Day

(Troy, MO)  Hi 64 Lo 23 -- Happy Veterans Day to everyone who is serving, or has served, in the armed forces. Thank you for your service, it's because of you that we're a free Nation. Also, thank you to all the military spouses. "They also serve, who keep the home fires burning." Military service is tough on the whole family. We know first hand, as Jim was gone a good portion of his 26-year Air Force career.

I've been busy with all kinds of things with my sister. All the crafts are done and clothes have been taken to second hand stores. There are a few things that will go to our kids and some friends.

Now I'll be working to help my sister downsize her household, getting rid of things she's no longer using.

Doris has been a dog trainer for 25 years, and has had her own dog training business for seven years. Yesterday we visited her neighbor who has a little hyper Schnauzer dog  When we got there, the little dog was running around and jumped on her legs. She moved her hand and it backed up and sat down. She made another hand movement and it stayed in that spot without moving. Then she moved again and it was running around again. She told me later she trains all dogs to do that. It was so neat watching her in action. She does well with her business. If you're a dog owner and you live in the St. Louis metropolitan area, check our her website, Training Tails on the Go.

In all of our travels we've had very little trouble with Verizon, but here at my sister's there's NO service. Not even a roaming signal. (Doris and Herm have Sprint.) I have a cheap, pay as you go phone which works, but the sound is very mushy when trying to understand the person at the other end. It's been a challenge making all the calls this week.

It's supposed to get very cold tonight, into the teens, and even some snow. We're hoping it doesn't last long.


Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Thank you for your service to our country!

Mandy Oviatt said...

Thank you for your service! Veteran owned businesses and blogs make for some of the best things out there, and I love your blog!