Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Move to Our Winter "Home"

(Avon Park, FL) Hi 82 Lo 65 - Yesterday morning was chilly as we headed out for the last leg of our summer travels. We started the morning with breakfast at a nearby Waffle House, then brought in the slides, did a quick walkaround, and hit the road. (We never un-hitched last night, which makes for a quick getaway.)

It was a great trip to Avon Park, FL. I know that most full timers don't like to say they have a "home," usually saying things like "home is where we park it." We're the same way, but we do consider Adelaide Shores RV Resort in Avon Park, Florida to be our winter home. It's nice to sit for a few months and decompress from our hectic summer travels. (At least for me... I think Dee would travel year round if she could.)

On the way we stopped at a truck wash in Haines City to have our RV and truck power washed. We stopped there last year so we knew they would do a very good job. Now Tumbleweed is shiny clean from the summer travels.

Our entry steps have been slowly coming apart the past few months. We've been hoping they'd last until we got settled here for the winter. Well, they finally gave way a couple of days ago. We have to skip the middle step when going up and down as all the rivets have broken, and they're very wobbly overall. We found out from the park office that a resident has some nice steps for sale, the kind of steps used for mobile homes and park models. As soon as we got set up I went to check them out, and bought them on the spot. The aluminum rail was on the wrong side, so I removed it temporarily. Later I'll re-attach it to the correct side. Here's what they look like.

We'll get new steps installed on the rig before we leave in the spring, and either re-sell these larger steps or have them stored here at the park.

We have a new site this year. This week we'll get some photos of what’s around us, but for now this is our view of the sunset from our new site.

One change we're making to our lifestyle this year is the frequency that we'll be posting to our blog. Our regular readers know that we've rarely missed a day of posting for the past several years. Now that we're settled here for a few months we don't see a need to do a post every day, since our day to day life will be pretty routine. So look for new posts only a few times per week until we get back on the road next spring. Our aim is to make our blog interesting, and not boring. Thanks for understanding.


Steve and Maria's Blog to Freedom! said...

Jim / Dee: I have read your blog almost daily since 2007 -- I have never found your blog to be "boring". I look forward to read what you both are up to.
Enjoy your "winter home" - I'm enjoying mine in Ft. Meade ..... NOT!!!.....

Bill and Nancy said...

Glad you arrived safe and sound. Always good to hear from you whenever you decide to blog!! Enjoy your "Winter Home!!"

Gypsy said...

I really like the steps. What will you do with them when you travel?

Alberta Walter said...

Hi Jim MOM

Alberta Walter said...

Hi Son mom

Jessica Riker said...

I know what you mean about having a winter "home" - I am kind of the same way, only in the summer, when we stay for the majority of time in Catskill NY. :)

Love the steps. If you can store them there it will be nice to have them available each winter when you return for the season.

Bob and Jo said...

We can't wait to get to our winter home.