Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Visit From a Friend

(Raleigh, NC) Hi 83 Lo 53 -- We're back in warmer weather, at least for this week. It's great wearing shorts and t-shirts instead long pants and jackets.

We don't normally put anything about politics in our blog, but today was the start of a government shutdown, and I want it documented here for our future reference. I don't want to go into how we feel about it, that's just not appropriate for this forum.

We did mostly computer work today, and I did the budget summary for September. We did pretty well, but if we'd quit eating we'd have a lot more money. :)

Our good friend Gary came by for lunch and spent the afternoon with us. We've known Gary since 1999 when we lived here after Jim's retirement from the Air Force.

Gary is part of the "Friday Night Gang" that we had dinner with every week before we started our RV life. Those dinners are some of our best memories of living in this area. We'll all be together again this week (but on Thursday night this time).

We found out this afternoon we will have to move on Sunday to make room for the vendors coming in for the State Fair in two weeks. Tomorrow we're going to check a couple of RV parks in the area to see which one we like the best.

Tonight we're back to watching recorded TV shows. It sure is great to have our satellite TV back and be able to skip the commercials. :)


Ron Clanton said...


I live in Apex and we are going to start full-timing next year. As a matter of fact, we are attending the RV-Dreamers rally in Franklin, NC this week. Anyway... have you all tried the Jordan Lake State Park? It's one of our favorite RV spots.


Jim and Judy said...

I am so glad you two are going to continue to eat!