Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Day 2, Carolina Clan Get Together

(Huntington Beach State Park, SC)  Hi 77 Lo 55 - Yesterday (Tuesday) Dee started her day by making a dessert for the evening campfire dinner. Then we walked around and visited with everyone as they got up. Later in the day some of the clan went down to the beach to the sit by the ocean, while the rest of us either hung around our rigs or ran some errands.

Mike, Terri, Laurie, Selene

Dee reported it was a little chilly but the sun was warm, so they sat out for a couple hours watching a guy fishing in the surf (he never caught anything).

The geese (Canadian geese? are heading south. (Smartest birds in the world.)

Low tide.


The group (apparently reluctantly) wandered back to the park in time to prepare for the evening campfire activities. We started off with a swap meet. Each of us brought something out of our RV that we didn’t want, hoping someone would take it off our hands. Turns out only a few things were swapped.

Howard grabbed a bicycle tire pump.

Working around the circle from the front is George, Laurie, Terri, Mike, Dee's Jim (me), John, Judy's Jim, and Paul.

After the swap meet we had a hot dog roast. There were all kinds of roasting sticks, like this one that will roast two dogs at the same time.

A neat idea we learned about is roasted pepperoni slices. The fire drains out the grease and turns it into a crispy pepperoni chip.

The rest of the evening was sitting around the campfire telling stories of life on the road. And most of them true (I think).

The group broke up around 10pm, ending another great day of friends and fellowship.

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