Friday, October 18, 2013

A Day in Beaufort

(Havelock, NC) Hi 75  Lo 67 -- The morning started out with rain and heavy clouds, but we ended up with a pretty good, mostly sunny day. We headed out with Jim and Judy to be their tour guides for an afternoon in Beaufort, founded in 1709 and making it the third oldest town in North Carolina. Before we left the park a truck pulled up right behind our RV to do some work on a pole. Jim went out to ask about it and found out they were replacing one of the hot spots for the park wi-fi. When they were done our wi-fi connection was much speedier. Cool!


We stopped in Morehead City to pick up Alberta, Jim's mom, and met Jim's sister Sharon and her boyfriend Jimmy for lunch at a local diner. Then it was on to Beaufort, but not before having to stop for the drawbridge over the North River.


It was open to let a sailboat pass through.

Our first stop in Beaufort was the NC Maritime Museum. Jim and I visited there a couple of years ago, but they’ve expanded the place since then. The museum has many exhibits about the maritime history of this area, but the most famous exhibits are the many artifacts recovered from the wreckage of Blackbeard's ship Queen Anne’s Revenge. The salvage site is 1 1/4 mile off the coast of Beaufort, where the famous pirate's ship ran aground in 1718.

2013-10-18 NC maritime museum beaufort NC (8)

2013-10-18 NC maritime museum beaufort NC (1)

Jim and Judy met Blackbeard.
2013-10-18 NC maritime museum beaufort NC (4)

I really like the white rifle.
2013-10-18 NC maritime museum beaufort NC (5)

Jim likes this gun.
2013-10-18 NC maritime museum beaufort NC (7)

Just some of the artifacts.

This is a whale's heart. Very interesting.

2013-10-18 NC maritime museum beaufort NC (10)

If you're ever in this area it’s worth the time to visit this nice little museum. Especially since they keep adding to it.

We took a stroll along Front street, admiring the water views and shops.


A couple of blocks away is the Old Burying Ground. I love cemeteries, and I can't believe that in all our trips to this area we've never visited this one.

It’s a lot bigger than it looks from outside it. The graves are different from what I’ve seen before.




We went to Sharon and Jimmy's for a visit. We stayed in their front yard during our visits to this area the last two summers.

Jimmy, my Jim, Judy's Jim, and Alberta.


We left and came back to the park, just in time for more rain. Check out Jim and Judy's blog for more about today’s fun. Thanks for stopping by.


Gypsy said...

I love walking through old cemeteries and burying grounds.

Dizzy-Dick said...

I have spent a lot of time on the east coast of N.C. A great area. Worked a contract jog there that lasted two and a half years. Before that, spent a lot of vacations on the outer banks.

Gail Houle said...

Love that Maritime Museum! We missed it this year, but usually stop each time we're there.
Glad you finally got some sun :)