Saturday, August 31, 2013

Another Day In

(Epsom, NH) Hi 79 Lo 66 -- When we woke up there were several more RV's in the park. We didn't hear any of them come in, so we have no idea what time they arrived.

Today was about games. Lots of games. Jim has been watching baseball all summer, now he's switching to football. The college football season started today. Sons Frank and Rick took grandsons Kendall and Jack to Champaign, IL to watch the Illini (University of Illinois) take on the Salukis of Southern Illinois University (SIU). Rick went to U of I and our step-grand daughter Ellice is currently going to SIU. So that was a big family affair.

Sons Frank and Rick

Jack, drinking an "air" beer outside Kam's, a popular bar at U of I.

Kendall enjoying the game day atmosphere.

I played games on the computer and read blogs all day. I got caught up on all the blogs you see on the right side of this page, which I try to do once a month. It's great knowing how everyone is spending the summer months. Some have bought homes and have gone off the road, or are changing from full timers to part timers.

We didn't go anywhere today. It was supposed to rain by late afternoon, but so far no rain. We watched some of our shows, which we're catching up on after having no satellite for a few days. Ahhh, life is good.

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