Sunday, July 14, 2013

Typical Sunday

(Adamstown, PA) Hi 90 Lo 71 -- The temperatures are climbing and so is the humidity. We thought it was going to be cooler than last year in the west, but it's a lot hotter feeling with the humidity.

We got up early to go to church with Jon and Kathleen. It was a small congregation but the sermon was very good. Jon took us past a Mennonite church on the way home so we could see all the horse and buggies lined up outside the church.

Jim did the laundry at the park laundromat and we watched the NASCAR race from New Hampshire. We both read and I did some crocheting. There were some kids in the pool along with a few adults. Besides that, it was a typical relaxing Sunday.


Dizzy-Dick said...

We need a relaxing day now and then. Hope you have many more but also every once in awhile, you need an exciting day to brighten things up a bit.

Bob and Jo said...

Relaxing days are good days.