Monday, July 22, 2013

New Jersey

(Ft. Dix/McGuire AFB, NJ) Hi 86  Lo 72 -- It's still humid, but the temperature is only in the 80's. It doesn’t make hitching up any cooler, but that’s ok, at least it wasn’t raining. Now that we're in the northeast, each of the next few moves will bring us to a new state on our full time journey. Today we crossed the Delaware Memorial Bridge into New Jersey.
2013-07-22 ft dix mcguire afb NJ (9)

There wasn't nearly as much traffic as we thought there would be. Everything was very smooth until we hit a detour for a bridge that was under construction. It was in the countryside between I-295 and our destination, Fort Dix. We had to take some back roads through a couple of small towns and we were hoping we wouldn't come across any underpasses that were too low. We finally got to the right road and all was well. It’s just something you deal with on the road pulling a large fifth wheel.

We’re at Willow Pond RV Park (famcamp) on Ft. Dix, a large Army base that adjoins McGuire AFB. There’s only 10 sites, all with 30-amp electric and water (a dump station is nearby). There’s a line of trees behind us separating us from the road.
2013-07-22 ft dix mcguire afb NJ (17)

And a small lake in front of us across a small grass field.
2013-07-22 ft dix mcguire afb NJ (14)

2013-07-22 ft dix mcguire afb NJ (16)

The view down the street. Six of the ten sites are currently vacant.
2013-07-22 ft dix mcguire afb NJ (18)

After getting set up we drove around the base looking for the Burger King. (Burger King must have an exclusive contract with the government because there's a Burger King on every military base we've ever been on.) It's sure different being on an Army base compared to an AF base. All kinds of tanks, humvees, and armored personnel carriers. Like Jim said, the Army plays with different toys than the Air Force. :) I’ll get some photos posted later this week. We found the Burger King and had some lunch, then came back and settled in. Jim found out online that there's a Pizza Hut on base and they deliver to the RV park. That takes care of dinner! :) We’re getting together with some RVing friends this week, so we’ll have plenty to report.


Sam&Donna Weibel said...

If you get a chance you are right next to my old base NAS Lakehurst. If you get a chance go by and take a look at Hanger one where the Hindenburg crashed. My Helicopter squadron HC-2 was in Hanger 3 while I was assigned after I got out they were moved to Jacksonville Fla, and Now they are at NAS Norfolk.Also take NJ route 70 down to Seaside heights for a day at the beach and boardwalk.It is supposed to be rebuilt since the Hurricane. Sam & Donna.

Paul and Marti Dahl said...

We're about 1/2 North of you right now in NJ, near NWS Earle, NJ.

We've stayed at Dix a number of times. Fortunately for you, you won't have to go far to find McGuire AFB. You probably already noticed the C-17s flying over the campground. Enjoy that noise! :c)

Dizzy-Dick said...

Do you have family serving at these bases that you are visiting? Just wondering.

GGuncle said...

Earle used to be the home of one of the largest naval ammo dumps in the U.S. It was a naval base but at the time it had about 10 marine guards to every sailor on base. That was back in the '60's when I was stationed at ft. Monmouth. dom.

Tumbleweed Jim said...

Dizzy-Dick, we don't have any family members currently serving. I'm an Air Force retiree, so I get to stay at military famcamps in our travels. Jim