Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father’s Day!

(Joliet, IL) Hi 87 Lo 66 -- Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there, especially my hubby Jim, and our sons Frank and Rick. Jim and I both lost our fathers years ago, but we always think about them on this day.

We spent today with our son Rick. We went over to his house to pick him up and then we drove to Aurora to see grandson Jack. He broke his wrist yesterday and we wanted to see how he's getting along.

Jack resting his broken wrist.

He's handling it like a big boy. He's in pain but he's taking it well. We're so proud of him!

Kendra (his mom) had copies of the before and after x-rays. This one shows the clean break of both of his wrist bones.

This is after the doctors re-set the bones. Fortunately he didn't need any pins. Since he's so young the bones should grow back to normal in time.

We came back to Rick's house, and a little later Laura (Rick's wife) came home from some errands. On Friday night they we had some pretty severe storms in the area and a tree went down on Rick and Laura's garage. A tree removal service cut up the tree and took it away. Today we got a closer look at the damage to the garage.
IMG_20130616_130901_022IMG_20130616_130847_824 - Copy

This is the tree stump (in the neighbor's yard) and the flattened fence.

To cap off the evening Rick fired up his Weber grill and cooked up some burgers and hot dogs. Then they showed us their photos from their recent humanitarian trip to Africa.

It was a wonderful day with the family, and we'll really miss them when we leave in the morning. We thank you Rick, Laura, and Kendra for a great visit. We’ll see you again next year!


Kevin Read said...

Hope Jack's wrist heals quickly.

Luckily that tree fell on the garage rather than the house and that nobody was hurt.


Bill and Nancy said...

Sorry Jack has to deal with the broken wrist...but kids are so resilient!!! Glad the tree only damaged the garage...that was one big tree!!!

Jim and Sandie said...

Kids and broken bones. Just seem to go together. Downed trees are scary. Glad it wasn't any worse.