Saturday, June 15, 2013

Church with Family

(Joliet, IL) Hi 80 Lo 59 -- We had a quiet start to the day, mostly watching more people come in the park. We have new neighbors that later had a big group together for a cookout. We watched them playing games behind our rig. At least there was some action around.

This afternoon we went to meet  Rick and Laura at church. They go to Parkview Christian Church, a mega church in Orland Park. They have two Saturday afternoon services, one at 3:45 and the other at 5:45. We met them at the early service. We were figuring it would be a small crowd at that time of day. But when we arrived the parking lot was packed and there were shuttles taking people from the parking lot to the church building. It was almost standing room only. It was a contemporary service with a christian rock band, and they had a nice tribute to Father's Day. I'm so glad to see that worship isn't dying out, the younger people are coming to church and that's great.

While we were at church Rick got a text from Kendra, his ex-wife, who is in Champaign with grandson Jack. He was playing soccer and fell and broke his wrist in two places. We had plans to go to dinner right after church, but Rick decided to immediately leave for Champaign to be with his son. The doctors at first thought he'd need a pin in his wrist, but they re-set the bone and are hoping that will take care of it. We got a text from Rick a few minutes ago to report Jack is doing well. We'll find out more about the whole thing tomorrow when we go to spend the day at Rick and Laura's.

We were going to get a bite to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings, but it was packed with people there to watch the Blackhawks hockey game. There was a waiting list, but we figured not many would be leaving while the game was on, so we ate a couple doors down at Pop's Italian Beef and Sausage.

When we got back home we watched the hockey game and some recorded shows.

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