Sunday, May 26, 2013

No More Couch

(Edwardsville, IL) Hi 78 Lo 54 -- We had to get up early to make it on time to church with the kids. Kendall didn’t sleep well because his brother Kyle hogged all the blankets. It was a very short night for all of us since we didn’t get everyone settled down till midnight. We loved it, we always have so much fun with the kids.

After church we separated this afternoon. Angie took the kids and Frank came with us to the RV to watch the Indianapolis 500 with his dad. When the race was over we decided it was a good time for the guys to remove our couch. We've been going back and forth about getting rid of it for a long time. Now, with me getting a new recliner later this week, we decided to remove the couch and put my old chair in the back, which will give us more room. We were worried about getting the couch through the door, but we took the feet off the bottom and it just barely made it through.
2013-05-26 couch out  of rv (1)

The tops of the seat back cushions had to be squished through the door.
2013-05-26 couch out  of rv (2)

The other worry was getting past the bushes. But they made it.
2013-05-26 couch out  of rv (3)

It’s out and it fit nicely in Frank’s small pickup truck. We're giving Frank the option of keeping it or selling it. He's not yet sure what he'll do, but either way we have MORE ROOM now in the RV.

I’m already liking the openness in the back. My new chair will be here Thursday so we’ll have a chair back there and an extra folding chair for guests.
2013-05-26 couch out  of rv (6)

After Frank left we got the room cleaned up, re-stored some things that used to be under the cushions of the couch, and watched the Charlotte 600 NASCAR race. It’s our tradition to watch racing on Memorial Day, and it was so great to share the experience with our son.

It was a great day with kids and racing.


Jim and Judy said...

I am sure you will get something to fill up all that extra space.

Gypsy said...

You will certainly have a lot more space now. You can hardly add anything to an RV without taking something out first.

Paul and Marti Dahl said...

So when Jim misbehaves, he now will have to sleep on the floor??? ;c)

owensontheroad said...

Such a good idea. I'm trying to convince George to get rid of the sofa in here too. No one ever sits in the one recliner because it's too close to the TV to see properly. If we got rid of the sofa, we could move the recliner there, and it would be better :)