Thursday, May 16, 2013

Gals Day Out - Guys Day Out

(Edwardsville, IL) Hi 80 Lo 66 -- Jim had plans to go to a Cardinals baseball game today, but rain was in the forecast. It turned out the threat wasn't as bad as we thought, so we picked up grandson Kendall and made our way to a local mall parking lot where he and Jim took a bus to Busch Stadium in downtown St. Louis. (Kyle, Kendall's older brother, is on a school class trip to Washington DC.) Son Frank had just got off work and walked two blocks from his workplace and met them when they got off the bus.

After dropping them off mom and I went to Culver's to meet my long time friends Ruth Butch for lunch.

We stayed a couple hours visiting and catching up on what's going on in town and in our lives. We lived in this area for twelve years while in the military, and there's been a lot of changes, including many new stores and a lot more homes.

After our visit with Ruth and Butch Mom and I went to Walmart, then to Frank and Angie's to wait for the guys to get home from the game. They had a great time!

Frank, Jim and Kendall.

They had seats higher up in the second deck of the stadium, but in the eighth inning they "seat hopped" and went down near the field.

We came home and settled in for the evening. What a fun day, especially for the boys!

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Gypsy said...

I haven't been to a major league baseball game in years. What I always liked most was the hot dog and ice cold beer.