Monday, April 8, 2013

Doing a Lot of "This Is the Last Time"

(Avon Park, FL) Hi 80 Lo 58 -- I made it for the end of the first shift of shuffleboard, which starts at 8:00, then another gal and I played at 10:00. This is the last time for shuffleboard till next season.

We had several errands to run. We had to find batteries for our satellite meter (used to aim our satellite dish), and some of those little halogen bulbs for the ceiling lights. Batteries Plus could make us a new battery pack for the meter, but it would take leaving it for a week or so. Can't do that. We found some of the light bulbs at Walmart, but not both of the sizes we need. We stopped for lunch at Five Guys. I've never been there, but Jim has and he loves their burgers. I had the veggie burger... yep, it's all veggies. I liked it. We made a stop at our church and had a discussion about me joining the bell choir and maybe doing some volunteer work in the office next season. I get to do both, so it gives me something to look forward to when we get back here in November. We went by Maxwell's Grove for some orange ice cream for the last time this season. I'll miss that place through the summer.

We stopped at Walmart for some last minute food. I wanted to get a haircut, but the wait was too long so I'll do that tomorrow. Jim won't have to wait on me that way.

Tonight is the last time we play cards with the group. It's been a fun and very active winter. Tomorrow I'll give a recap which it will be the last day here.


Rod Ivers said...

Not the last time, just the last time this season.....!

GGuncle said...

dee try radio shack. i've gotten batteries there that i couldn't find elsewhere. good luck & happy trails. p.s.: i'll be moving in a couple of months. i'll keep you posted. i bought a new park model it was being built for me. & i'm moving to a differnt park.

Jim and Judy said...

See ya'll soon! Let us know the exact date you will make it to Blanton Creek.

John and Carol said...

It's always hard to say good bye to great friends. Safe travels!

Speedy said...

Good grief Dee...Don't you have enough to do??? You wear me out going all the time!!! LOL I have to go and take a nap now...ZEEEEEEEEEEE