Friday, March 15, 2013

Indiana Lunch and a New Battery

(Avon Park, FL) Hi 72 Lo 40 -- I turned in my afghans today at the Happy Hookers meeting for donation to the Linus Project. In a way I hated to see them go, they took a lot of hours to complete. But I know they'll be going to someone in need who will appreciate them. I'm feeling good about it.

I didn't stay long at Happy Hookers. We had a lunch date at a nearby buffet place. Every year they have several luncheons for people from specific states. Today was the Indiana lunch. I was born and raised in Warsaw, Indiana so I thought I'd go see who showed up. Spouses were welcome too, even if they're not from Indiana, so Jim came along. About 20 couples showed up, and it was neat meeting so many people who share my home state. The lunch organizer kicked things off the with some trivia questions about Indiana. Then after we all had a great buffet lunch we each stood up to introduce ourselves. It was a great time, and we're definitely going again next year.

When we left there we stopped at a local Croc store so Jim could buy a pair to replace the ones he's been wearing for about three years. He loves wearing Crocs, which are soft rubber clog-type slip-on shoes. He admits they're ugly as sin, but he says they're soooo comfortable! We then stopped at the local Ford dealer and got an oil and filter change for my car for $18. The car dealers around here seem to compete to see who can offer the cheapest oil change. We're glad we did that, as we would  my car battery is about to die. The car is a 2010, and we wondered why the battery was going bad so soon. It turns out the original battery is not a maintenance-free type, and has water that should be checked periodically. It was low on water, mainly because we never checked it. Who puts that old type of battery in a new car in this day and age? (And we've had many "multi-point" inspections, which apparently didn't include checking the battery.) Anyway, rather than pay the high price at the Ford dealer we went to Advance Auto Parts for the new battery. Jim had them check our old battery, just to make sure the Ford dealer wasn't trying to swindle us. And they installed the new one for free.

We made it home in time to take a walk together, get a light dinner, then go over to the clubhouse to play cards. More people are leaving the park to get home for Easter.

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KarenInTheWoods said...

Glad you got the new battery and stuff done... sounds like everyone is catching up on vehicle stuff on their blogs today!

Your afghans are going to be a hit, and the lucky recepients will feel all the love and effort you put into them.

Karen and Steve
The USA Is Our Big Backyard