Friday, February 1, 2013

Fun Fun Day

(Avon Park, FL) Hi 65 Lo 39 -- Today was Happy Hookers, so I found out I'm doing ok with the vest I'm crocheting. It's not going to be perfect, but it's coming along fine. I got more instructions so maybe it will get done, or close to done, this Sunday while Jim is watching the Super Bown and I'm watching the commercials.

I got a good photo of Ken and Cindy this morning. They got here last evening and are staying for the weekend.

The woodworking club meeting was also going on in the clubhouse this morning. Ken and Cindy came over while I was at Happy Hookers to see what the guys are doing with their wood projects. Then afterwards they came to our place for a visit and some sandwiches that we ordered from Market 27, across the street from the park.

Jim and I took them on a walking tour to show them the lake and all the different park models and RV's. We had dinner reservations at the Jacaranda Hotel, so after visiting for a while longer we left early enough to give them a driving tour of the area. We drove the "Sebring Loop" around Lake Jackson to the historic downtown. Then we meandered the rest of the way around the lake and took some country roads back to Avon Park and a stop at Maxwell Grove. Ken and Cindy bought some of their wonderful orange juice. We also got the lady at the counter to give them a taste of their orange ice cream. (We couldn't have much as it would spoil out dinner.) Needless to say, they want to go back tomorrow for a full scoop. By then it was almost time for our 5pm dinner reservation at the Jacaranda Hotel a mile or so down the street. We relaxed in their beautiful lobby for a few minutes before dinner.

Ken, Jim and Cindy

The Friday night seafood buffet was wonderful! After filling our bellies we came back home in time to go over to the clubhouse to see Grace Harmony, a husband and wife couple that sang beautiful gospel music.

Sue and Mike of Grace Harmony.

It was a great ending to a great (and busy) day with friends.

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