Saturday, January 19, 2013

Movie Day

(Avon Park, FL) Hi 70 Lo 54 -- It's warmer again. The cold usually doesn't last long in Central Florida. I walked this morning with Judy and Kathleen, and we did a mile and half. It was cloudy with a brisk wind, great for walking.

We're behind on movie going because Jim's been sick, so we went this afternoon to see Parental Guidance. Every grandparent should see it. It was a very funny look at the differences between raising kids in "our" day versus today. One of those movies that hits a little close to home sometimes, but you leave the theater with a big smile on your face. Billy Crystal and Bette Midler were both a hoot... We loved it!

We went to Lowe's after the movie to pick up some small diameter PCV pipe to make a storage tube for my crocheting hooks. An idea I picked up at our craft meetings. We also picked up a small battery light to stick inside one of our kitchen cabinets, the one we keep all our chips and snacks in.

Hockey has started, so we tuned in the game when we got back. Looks like the fans didn't give up during the long strike. It looked like a pretty crowded areena at the Pittsburgh vs. Philadelphia game. The rest of the evening was our normal TV and chat room.


squawmama said...

I think I would love that movie too... as I love both Bette Miller & Billy Crystal. Met them both in NYC!

Joe and Carolyn said...

We saw the movie with four of our grands. We all laughed at different things. It definitely is a movie for all ages.

Enjoyed seeing you both at the RV Show. I know we'll run across each other again.

Speedy said...

We have had some nice weather days here this weekend. Hope it sticks around at least until we head out to work again.