Monday, January 28, 2013

Keeping Busy - What To Do Next?

(Avon Park, FL) Hi 79 Lo 57 -- Today seemed to be a day of decisions. This morning I went to play shuffleboard while Jim did the laundry. There was a line dancing class going on at the same time as shuffleboard, but since I have two left feet, and sometimes three, I decided to stick with shuffleboard.

After shuffling I went for my mile walk with Judy. It was breezy and the sun was very warm. After the walk I had just enough time to either go to the pool or play dominos. Which would it be? Since the clouds rolled in I decided to play Dominos. I haven't been there in a week or so and it was good getting back to it. But I still came in last place. :)

After the games, Jim and I visited with Jim and Judy's and we sat under their awning along with Lee and Rosemary, who live down the street. Jim and Judy are leaving this week, so they were telling us all the things they'll be doing while workamping this summer. We're going to miss them when they leave, but they're coming back to this park again next winter.

Jim grilled some pork steaks, then we went back over to Jim and Judy's for some pie and coffee before going to play cards. There's so much to do here that some days the hardest thing we do is deciding what to do. As problems go, that's not a bad one to have. :)


Unknown said...

It's great that you stay active, meeting interesting people, and are learning new things. Sounds like a great park.

Speedy said...

I would be worn out doing all that every day. I have to have a nap once in a while and maybe read a book while reclining in my patio lounger.

owensontheroad said...

I guess it's a give and take. I wish this place we are workamping had more activities. The wine tasting has been sort of a non-event, and I don't play poker. That is the only 2 activities here :)