Friday, November 30, 2012

Movie Day

(Avon Park, FL) Hi 77 Lo 58 -- The first thing I wanted to get done today was turn in my lotto ticket. I didn't win the big one but I did win $7, which I turned in for a gallon of milk and a couple bucks back.

We went to see the movie Lincoln today. It was really good, and if you're a history buff it's a must see. It will win all kinds of awards, including probably the Best Picture Oscar. Steven Spielburg has made another classic.

There's several movies we want to see when they come out, so we'll have plenty of movie days this winter. We stopped on the way home to eat at one of our favorite restaurants, The Sizzling Grill.  It was packed with people waiting outside. It was only 4:30 when we got there, and there were even more people waiting when we left at 5:30. We'll remember not to go on Friday nights. 

On Fridays the Happy Hookers (knitting/crochet club) meet. I'll post an updated photo of the vest I'm making each week. Mainly so I can look back and see the progress. I don't work on it every second of the day, but it's nice to have something to do in the slow times.

We went to the clubhouse to play cards. We enjoy playing "3-13" and "Pass the Ace." They're easy games that don't involve a lot of thinking, and lots of fun.

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owensontheroad said...

I love the name of the group, the Happy Hookers. :-) Looking forward to the progress!