Monday, July 9, 2012

On to Cheyenne

(Warren AFB, WY) Hi 81 Lo 62 -- First thing this morning Jim was on the phone calling Jolly Roger's RV in Cheyenne to get an appointment to have our slide repaired this week. As we reported yesterday, our doorside (small) slide has a worn drive gear and won't move in or out. We're coping with our reduced square footage. We're just glad it wasn't the big full wall slide that failed. We got an appointment for Wednesday morning, which we thought was pretty good. We’ll let you know how it goes.

We had a great three hour trip to Cheyenne today. I took a lot of pictures on the way. Every turn we took or hill we went over there was something different to see. We saw several pronghorn antelope, lots of cows and horses, but no buffalo. Click on the pictures to make them larger.






Our destination today was F.E. Warren AFB, which is on the west side of Cheyenne.

The famcamp is very pretty, with just enough trees to provide some shade, but not enough to give us that closed in feeling that we don't like. We got a back-in site for the first time in quite awhile, so Jim had to do some work to get us parked. Our site is barely long enough for us.

Looking down the street to our right.

Jim parked our truck across the street in front of a building that was built in 1904 as a pump house. It's now temporary quarters for newly arriving airmen.

There are a couple of cabins in the park, which is unusual for a famcamp.

Tomorrow we’ll do some exploring on base, and make a dry run to Jolly Roger's RV so we know where we'll be going on Wednesday.

What a fabulous day of traveling. The views were great and we’re still really happy to be able to travel when we want where we want and still have our bed and “stuff” with us. This lifestyle is so wonderful!


Mike and Terri said...

Open spaces and beautiful places. Your pictures make me want to head out there!
Hopefully the slide fix won't take too long and you can have that behind you. So glad you were able to get an appointment so quickly.

GGuncle said...

my neices husband was stationed there in the '80s. i hope you get T.W. fixed up. while i was visiting them, sirens went off ,i thought we were getting raided or something ,but, it was just an alert to everybody on base that they were moving a missle. boy, was it a big one. Ellen & i went to the rodeo there. its know as the granddaddy of them all. George Strait was the opening act.

John and Carol said...

We stayed in that little cabin for one week while our RV was being repaired. They later towed a trailer to one of the sites for us for another week. They really helped us so much during a very difficult time.

Carol and Kevin said...

Hope they can get your slide fixed up quickly. Looking forward to travel days!

Bob and Jo said...

Hope they get your hideout fixed, fellow cameo owners want to know