Sunday, July 8, 2012

Lusk, WY

(Lusk, WY) Hi 79 Lo 59 – It’s great sleeping weather, with no AC on and nice cool temperatures at night.

I forgot to post a picture I took yesterday of the remains of a wildfire that was on our route from Rapid City. It’s all blackened but some of the trees have green tops. We smelled smoke on one portion of our trip, but it didn’t last long.

Gary, the park owner, also runs an RV repair service here at the park. We've been having trouble with our doorside (smaller) slide so we asked him to take a look at it. He was nice enough to come over this morning (Sunday). We hit the switch to run the slide in for him and it didn't move... and it made a noise like the teeth of the gears were slipping. Gary went underneath the rig and discovered that two of the three mounting bolts for the motor were loose, one of them he could turn with his fingers. He tightened the bolts, but the slide still wouldn't come in and it still made the noise. He looked closer at the gears and noticed a few teeth on the drive gear were very worn causing it to slip. So... With a neighbor's help the three guys pushed on the slide while I pushed the button and managed to get it all the way in. We'll call a couple of RV dealers in Cheyenne tomorrow morning before we leave and hopefully will be able to get in to one of them this week. Gary gave us a couple of recommendations. Fortunately we can do ok with the smaller slide in. It just brings our recliners closer to the TV. Jim says its like upgrading to a bigger TV. :)

We'll keep you advised on the repairs.

Other than that adventure, we talked with neighbors and just chilled today. This evening we decided to go out for some dinner. We weren’t sure what would be open on a Sunday, but we found this quaint little place.

I had a bucket of fries and shrimp. I had to bring some home, just way too much.

The restaurant and the small truck stop next to it are the last buildings before you leave town. The town just stops...

...then Highway 85 heads out into the prairie.

At the edge of town is a sign that says if the lights are flashing turn around and go back to Lusk. Must be for wintertime sever weather.

We're glad we stopped here. It’s one of those little towns that have so much character. If you’re looking for a place to stay between Rapid City, SD and Cheyenne, WY, we'd recommend B.J.’s RV Park, a city park with 22 sites and full hookups.

The sunset from the RV Park.
2012-7-7 site in BJs RV park WY (4)

Tomorrow we’re on the way to Cheyenne.


Sandra said...

Pretty sunset.

Hope you're able to get your slide fixed soon.

The Berry's RV Travels said...

If its just gears maybe it will be a simple fix.
I love the colors in that sunset! Beautiful "**

Bob and Jo said...

I just crawled under our doorside slide today on our cameo, it was struggling at first to get started in. There were a couple loose motor bolts but a couple other ones loose that was causing my problem I think. Our gears were aligned and after tightening it was better. There is a good discussion on the carriage Yahoo group with photos. Good luck.