Saturday, May 5, 2012

Family Time Starting to Wind Down

(Scott AFB, IL) Hi 92 Lo 69 -- We had a very busy day so we got the grandkids up at 8:30 to get them moving. It was going to to take awhile to get everything picked up.

Our tanks were getting pretty full, so we decided to tow the rig over to the park's dumping station for a P.O.O.P. (Pump Out Operation Process). The kids saw how we prepare for a move, and how we close the slides. And then they got to see the "other" side of RV'ing, dumping the tanks.

Watching grandpa with the "brown" hose

The whole process took about an hour from start to finish, and after getting the rig re-parked and everything re-set up it was time to take the boys home, and on the way we stopped at IHOP for breakfast. By the time we got them home it was time for the whole family to leave for Creve Cour (a western suburb of St. Louis) for Kendall's basketball game. The score was back and forth the whole game, and Kendall's Jr. Panthers lost it at the very end. What a game!

When we got back to O'Fallon, Jim and Frank had a special project to do. One of Frank's birthday gifts last week was a 20-foot flagpole and U.S. flag that we and his brother Rick gave him. The guys worked in the sweltering heat to mount the flagpole. They had to dig out some stubborn roots of a dead rose bush. They broke a shovel in the process, so it was off to Ace Hardware for a new shovel.

Once the hole was dug they placed and leveled the base of the pole and then filled the hole with concrete. Once it sets completely, all Frank has to do is put the sections of the pole together and raise his flag. It was a nice father-son project, with the grandboys (and Banjo the dog) looking on. Great job guys!

After that, we all went inside the house to cool off and watch the end of the NASCAR Nationwide race. Then we came home and we're now relaxing the rest of the evening. Only a few more days left.


KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

How fun to let the boys see the *other side* of RV life. tee heeeee

Their grandfather/father/grandson work on the flagpole is so nice. Building memories, and I am sure the grandsons are going to remember putting that up for years to come.

"remember when we helped grandpa put up that pole?" stories...
Karen and Steve
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Jon and Kathleen said...

Glad you are enjoying your family. Nothin' better. We're doing the same here in PA.