Thursday, May 3, 2012

Cardinals Game - National Jr. Honor Society for Kyle

(Scott AFB, IL) Hi 88 Lo 62 -- We had a full day planned so after our morning routine we both headed out in different directions. Jim drove his truck to Fairview Heights, about 10 miles away, to catch the "Red Bird Express" bus to the St. Louis Cardinals game. Son Frank works the early morning shift at KSDK-TV in downtown St. Louis and he gets off work around 11am. So all he had to do was walk over to Busch Stadium to meet Jim as he got off the bus. The guys had a great time at the game together. The Cardinals, although they're off to a great start this season, lost to the Pittsburgh Pirates 6-3.  :(

The St. Louis Blues hockey team is in the Stanley Cup playoffs, and the Cardinals organization is rooting them on.

This is a photo Jim took from his seat.

It's a beautiful view of downtown St. Louis and the arch out beyond the outfield wall.

While Jim was gone I went to my friend Ruth's for the afternoon. She and Butch are looking forward to going to Walt Disney World in Orlando with their grandkids.  I stayed for a couple hours then came back home to wait on Jim.

This evening was very special. We got to see Grandson Kyle get inducted into the National Jr. Honor Society. Here he is all dressed up for the ceremony.

And here he is with his proud mom and dad, and brother Kendall.

We're so proud of Kyle! The ceremony was very nice, and there were a lot of kids inducted. Seeing that restores our faith in our youth and our education system. You hear a lot about the bad things in our education system, but there sure are a lot of good things going on too... good teachers and good kids. Our country's future is in good hands. Well done Kyle!


Donna W. said...

Way to go Kyle. Dee dont stand too close to Jim, those buttons flying off might hurt you....How proud you must be.
Great pic of our beautiful city.

Sandra said...

It's so nice to see parents doing things with adult children. Glad they enjoyed the game. And well done, Kyle! That's quite a reflection on you and Jim, I think.

Bob and Jo said...

Congrats to Kyle

Great picture of the field, love the Arch

Alberta said...

Way to go Kyle.You're so handsome and all grownup.I'm so proud of you Grandson.Keep the good work up.Love you.