Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Going Down Memory Lane–Kinda

(Columbus, MS) Hi 80 Lo 49 -- For today we planned a trip down memory lane. We first headed for Columbus AFB to see what may have changed, and when we got there nothing was recognizable. The whole base has changed since we were here 40 years ago. The housing has been upgraded and looks great, and most of the buildings on the base are all new. Even the main gate is new.

2012-4-10 Columbus AFB, MS (44) (800x532)

This is the Wing Headquarters building.
2012-4-10 Columbus AFB, MS (14) (800x532)

We won't bore you with more pictures. All the buildings tend to look alike on military bases anyway. Needless to say, for us it was almost like seeing it for the first time. :) Our son was born at the base hospital, but we were disappointed to find out it's no longer there. They now have a smaller clinic.

We then drove around the town of Columbus, and it’s changed too. The eight mile drive from the base to the town used to be just trees and forest, now there’s every store you can think of. We were very surprised to see that the two places we lived in downtown are still there, and look exactly the same as we remember.

We went back to the campground and checked out more of the park. It’s spread out along the river with lots of sites. We had a rain shower late this afternoon. We stayed in and watched an old movie and I worked with pictures and games.
We’re on the move to Arkansas tomorrow morning.


Speedy said...

Sorry we did not get to see the houses you lived in...I know how it is to go back and see where you use to live.

Joe and Sherri

KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

Awww and they say you can never go back home again....

Karen and Steve
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Cyndi said...

I remember the first time I drove over to March AFB after they'd torn down the hospital where my son was born. And the same thing happened at Reese, where my brother was born. It's been closed for years. Between BRAC and upgrading, few of our old haunts are around any more. I want to go back to the AF Academy, where I lived as a child, and see the houses I lived in. According to Google Earth, they're still there.

Donna W. said...

Whats that song...I need to look around and I promise the only thing I'll leave with is my memories.
My hometown was totally destroyed and is now a park...
Guess when you grew up in such a small place and major flood hits..well bye bye

Anonymous said...

Dee, we were stationed there from 84 to 89. Remember that hospital as I had several stays. Enjoyed our time there. Lessie (TARDIS)